“*Ako si Edsa”

I may not be born on that very moment but the legacy still lives in me. I was told by one of my best friend back in my high school years that I was a pessimist, a negative thinker. As I passed by the Edsa Shrine, I felt like on cloud nine.

I truly adore and idolize the Marcos Family for the foot print they had left in our country and I admit I vote for Bongbong Marcos last election. As one of the self acclaimed silent activist in my generation today, the burden that is felt today not only by those who were named Edsa but all the people living in this country is caused by misconduct political views. Marcos may have been greedy enough but he also had good plans for our country that time. As what Sen. Bongbong said in an interview with him just this year “we may have been like Singapore today if People Power did not happen” and if I am not mistaken another old senator had said that Marcos might also end  his administration or stepped down even if EDSA I didn’t occur. Progress was felt at the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos and I think that the progress ended up in his government. I did not literally say that there was no progress in the past four administrations but we can admit to ourselves that we are totally left behind by our neighboring countries. Frankly I did not vote for Noynoy just what my fellow country just did and had put him to his seat. He might be the son of the Late President Cory Aquino and be a non corrupt president but he also lacks experience. He can be the next victim of some political tactics that brought Marcos down. A down to earth person and a good one must also be fierce.

Bloodshed may not always mean death and grief, sometimes these atrocities results to development, hand of steel that brought other politicians to power.  We can always ask Almighty God for guidance and support but we should still move and work for the betterment of ourselves. The Government might pull us down and burrow us to the ground but the power of will and our trust in the lord will send us rising to the ground.

-This was already posted Last August 4, 2011 on my previous blog site sipocotasinsipulangangui.wordpress.com

-Title was based on a series from GMANewsTV show “Reel Time”


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