The Evolution of a “Not So Die Hard Fan”

What is a FAN? In this write-up, the “F” word will be based on the Wikipedia explanation Fan (person), a fanatical enthusiast or supporter, especially with regard to entertainment and sports.

College can be synonymously linked with liberty, I for one can say that all things (sex, drugs, crimes) can be found in this innocent looking years. Thinking that I have been engaged in such things? NO! Cause my fear of losing my parent’s trust and support in those years kept me in track (even though my TOR shows some evidence that I have been lazy studying). Sino ba naman ayaw grumaduate sa tamang oras at magkaroon ng Bachelor’s Degree? I’m the eldest so I should set as an example.  But there lies a dark secret that everyone already knows. I am a……. FAN!

The fandom started in a “jamming session” during my first year. Yes there were alcohol, cigarettes (don’t know if behind those fumes were other elements), pulutan, laughter and other blah, blah, blah moments. My classmate, an irregular student played this tagalog song from his phone and goes like “Gusto ko ng Baboy, gusto ko ng ba ba baboy pare gusto ko gusto ko ng baboy.” That song I heard a long time ago during 1990s (90s kid rules). Got me interested, asked him the title and the band’s name, “BABOY by Radioactive Sago Project”, gave me a CD entitled “Tangina Mo Andaming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin” weird right? And after that my other guy classmate started to puke and was carried piggy back style to my friend’s cottage. The song “Baboy” depicts both social and political stories. In this country, the term “Buwaya” or crocodile is often in lined with politicians but “Baboy” means a lot more. Reminds me of the flick “Animal Farm”, which I would not like to elaborate further. The weird part is I have loved to hear their songs over and over again. My brother, board mates, neighbors kept on saying that I am a weirdo or just crazy for listening to odd music.

Yes it was odd and weird; the melody was new to the ears for I thought that trumpets were only used in school bands, orchestra, and funeral bands but not in a rock band. RSP was a jazz rock or rock jazz band with the vocalist narrating the lyrics instead of singing it, an unusual gesture “parang narrator ng pelikula na nagja-jive sa accompanying hymn”.

Why “Not so diehard fan?” The love for the RSP band, their music and especially their front man Lourd Ernest H. De Veyra was ideal. Lourd was introduced to me as a different man when I was accepted as a writer in our school paper during sophomore year. A co-writer gave me copies of downloaded episodes of Word of the Lourd (WOTL). There he was, giving his intellect commentaries and views from everyday objects to the most recent events. At first, you might not believe he can do or say such things for he looks gothic, baduy, or emo; definitely don’t judge a book by its cover.


My instructor (wears black from head to toe) in Social Science even used his WOTL in delivering his teachings which made it quite easy for us to understand the subject. He (instructor) also introduced me to “Datu’s Tribe” (love the songs Binibining Sexy and Cristina even though it juxtaposed my figure and first name but with a K), Dicta License, Franco, Up Dharma Down and others.

Songs were catchy like “Gin Pomelo” which was memorized by my sister after playing it once, their rendition of Bahay Kubo and the song Superhotdog were disturbing and eerie that the lines still lingers when I am asleep. For Adults Only and Mambo Rat needs strong parental guidance because of the language used, I like almost all of their songs but others give me chills that I don’t want to hear it anymore( just like the song Karne of Datu’s Tribe). Mabalik tayo sa RSP at kay Lourd. This was very contagious.

l liked the Facebook pages linked to RSP, WOTL, and Lourd. Frequently visits his blogsite “This Is A Crazy Planets” and when it came up with a book, I instantly bought one at Booksale and at the same day found and bought his poetry book Insectissimo and that was the end of my allowance for that week. Bought his second edition of “This Is A Crazy Planets” and the newlyaunched “Little Book of Speeches”; bought four out of his seven books(mas marami pa yung nabili kong komiks ni Manix Abrera).


Watches History, Wasak and WOTL on Youtube (walang TV sa boarding house). Watched his first gig in Naga City (broked my glasses and came home at 4am) but did not bought their new album “Ang Itlog at Ang Demonyo”(sadly I don’t have the money to purchase said CD and the ticket to the gig was a treat from a friend).


Lourd's big bro during their gig
I had this opportunity to have a picture with his big bro during their gig in Naga before my phone died.

Didn’t come to his book launching at SMX (tied up with Peñafrancia Festival) lost the CD my friend gave, stalked Lourd in Instagram and Twitter and screenshots it when he likes my post or direct message me, replaced the frame of my eyeglasses to Ray Ban (broke and lost a lens during their gig) and found out he wore Tom Ford! awww shit! That was not it. Lately I was planning to dye my dog (half Lhasa Apso and Aspin) black to make him a shadow dog but refrained from doing it and will resolute to buy a black shih tzu or any black small dog instead.



His writings especially poetry influenced me in continuing my first love: writing poems and essays and updated my blogsite.

I may have done and keep doing this things but does not considered myself as his/their no. 1 Fan. A fan for me should accompany and support their idol almost all the way, buy all of their memorabilia and attend all of their events. I am just a fan, an eager spectator, a listener of their weird but meaningful tracks, a stalker to their achievements. But when the time comes that my paycheck will allow me to do such things believe me, I’ll be your biggest and ultimate diehard fan ever!!!


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