An Ode to thy Brave Countrymen

Damp soil soaked with blood from thy brave countrymen,

Who only want to seek peace,but had died in the end.

Who to blame? The terrorists as everybody said so,

Which only believes that war just come and go.

Families’ mourn to the death of thy love ones,

While rebels rejoice to the feat they have won.

No compassion they have killed them one by one,

No mercy, No regrets, No God to see them hum.

What was their purpose on doing such hideous thing?

Bombs and guns were used as bling-bling,

Pointed, thrown at their so called enemies.

The truth is even not in blood they are brothers,

Countrymen that does not need to be conquerors.

They ask for justice, they ask for revenge,

They want the killers to be at the edge.

They want them to suffer, they want them to plea,

They want them in jail or worse their souls in hell.

The lives will not return, the smiles will not be shown,

Their families will forever mourn.

As to what might happen to the upcoming days,

I cannot tell or it will be just fate.

God has plans that we cannot alter, so we pray for Him to vanish evil forever.


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