Bicol Bloggers’ Crazy Social Media Life

Exactly one week today, something happened that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I personally blog about Literature & Photography which is I think waaaaaay primitive. I am also a shy type, loner and I don’t talk too much.

Naga City Deck (NCD) has been encouraging me to blog about my work and just for once I have contributed an article about Woodstone Kitchen last October where NCD provided the title, for composing it is my weakness. I think NCD saw something in me that NCD invited me to attend a blogging event dubbed as #SSSstaycation. It was Sole Searching Soul’s first year anniversary and the attendees are the influential bloggers of Bicol. The excitement was unbearable because as we all know (who wouldn’t) Naga City Deck, Sole Searching Soul and Nickastig were big influencers in promoting Naga City and Bicol thru their social sites.


stay + vacation = staycation

Meeting new people especially those who are already influential in this generation of social media makes me nervous and talking with them for the first time makes me a little bit queasy.

Nevertheless, the ending of January and the beginning of February was truly monumental. Right there and then, I became a contributor of

They were very friendly and ecstatic and again I was speechless (as always). They keep on asking me if I was OK and to tell them the truth I have never been so glad to be with them, my pessimism was overcrowded by their optimism. We may be different in many ways but we share the same passion: writing.

Meeting this influential bloggers for the first time.
Meeting this influential bloggers for the first time.

I even made a poem about this event and posted it on my blogsite.


Here is a brief highlight on my two day #SSSstaycation:


We had lunch at Mama Eñga and they served us this sumptuous home cooked meals.


Hotel accommodation at New Crown Hotel Naga.


Fine dining experience at Cafe Frederico. Chinese Cuisine at its finest located at 2nd floor of New Crown Hotel Naga.

Photo credits to Naga City Deck
Photo credits to Naga City Deck

Videoke party at Jazz Bar also located at 2nd floor of New Crown Hotel Naga.



I actually don’t want to get out of the New Crown Hotel Naga’s comfy bed but we have exciting activities to do. Before we explore Naga City, we had our complimentary breakfast at The Park, ground floor of New Crown Hotel Naga.


We then headed to Basilica Minore riding Naga’s Taxicle.



And then something unexpected happened…Naga X Challenge for the BiB..OHHH SNAP! We were grouped into two and Ma’am Ivy and Kim were my group mates.

Last challenge was a groupie with Jesse Robredo.
Last challenge was a groupie with Jesse Robredo.

To relax our body and mind after executing perfectly the Naga X Challenge, we were treated to avail any of the services at My Spa and twas was my first SPArty complete with sweets from Bratanella Cupcakes.


IMG_7014 Biggs Diner, Magsaysay ended our staycation with a blast by treating us with free lunch and a Biggs Bigger Love Gift Certificate, formally launching the Bicol Bloggers spearheaded by Ms. Apple.10421447_1530709043872556_3547515597386596113_n


We would like to thank our Sponsors for this staycation.


Truly, it was a weekend to remember. I gain new friends (Lou, Didi, Yvette, Kim, Jamie, Ms. Ivy,  Ms. Sam Brown) and live my ultimate dream: to be a writer. Let me take this opportunity to formally thank Naga City Deck, Sole Searching Soul and Nickastig for welcoming me in this Crazy Social Media Life. Happy Blogging!!!

P.S. detailed events on our staycation will be published at


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