Naga City’s Three Wheeled Bumble Bees

“Then our ride came, a yellow chubby looking vehicle like a bee perhaps. It was Naga’s famous Taxicle. The new addition to Naga’s wondrous adaptation in lessening the carbon emission in the metro and one of the safest rides you can get.”-excerpt from my Naga X Challenge post-

A dozen of these bumble bees are roaming around the city since May of 2014. For just 8 pesos, it will bring you to your next destination without any hassle, unlike those choosy tricycles that sometimes force you to pay the whole one way travel of their vehicle. It can also be rented for 150 pesos per hour and has a seating capacity of 8 to 9 persons, perfect for the family and your next barkada get away to any point in Naga (even at Panicuason).

Tatay Bert was our Naga X Challenge Taxicle driver, what a jolly man.

These drivers turned tourist guides are very friendly, courteous and approachable. They are very well experienced when it comes to driving and takes a lot of patience on dealing with different passengers every single day (as well as to other tricycle drivers who sees them as a threat to their occupation).

The Taxicle was manufactured by an Italian Brand, Piaggio Ape.


It was of great help on executing perfectly our Naga X Challenge. Tatay Bert was our No. 1 cheerer in every step of the way.


Kudos to Tatay Raffy and Tatay Bert of Pistton for being with us on our #SSSstaycation and Sir Michael Javellana of Piaggio Apé for introducing us once more to these taxicles.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati.
Photo credits to Nick Pahati.

This is one of the perfect ways to explore Naga and somewhat an innovative manner in lessening the carbon footprint which contributes to climate change. A more GREENER and Environment Friendly Naga via Taxicle.


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