Naga X Challenge: The Bicol Bloggers’ Way

Its day two of our SSSstaycation.
As I was saying in my previous post, the coziness of the bed at New Crown Hotel was pulling me in. If I could lay down a little bit longer or for the whole day, but there were many things to be done.


Our wakeup call should be at 7 AM but my fellow bloggers, like me don’t want to get out of bed.
We were treated with a complimentary breakfast at The Crown Park Restaurant ground floor of New Crown Hotel.

A line of Filipino, American and Chinese breakfast in different varieties to choose from. I chose a traditional Filipino consisting of fried rice, daing na abo, tapa, sunny side up and coffee. They requested for the famous Hung Ma bread which I think is best every hour and every meal of the day.
Then our ride came, a yellow chubby looking vehicle like a bee perhaps. It was Naga’s famous Taxicle. The new addition to Naga’s wondrous adaptation in lessening the carbon emission in the metro and one of the safest rides you can get.

Our first stop, Naga’s center of pilgrim: the Basilica Minore where the Mother Patron of the Bicolanos live. “Ina” called by many, Peñafrancia is the center and one of the reason why we, the Bicolanos remain faithful and strengthens our christian bond.

Here’s a trivia: Basilica’s stained glass made by a famous Bicolano artisan in the name of Pancho Piano. Said to be the biggest stained-glass in the world. Amazing isn’t it???
Ms. Apple announced that we were to be grouped into two for our Naga X Challenge and the Taxicle served as our getaway vehicle..
I picked group 2 and Kim and Ms. Ivy were my team mates.


We were given an index card consisting of our challenges. Hope I remembered the details…

First Challenge.  Take a picture of “Ina” outside the church with some pilgrims praying.


Second Challenge. Find the largest Love Sign in the metro.


Third Challenge. Have a group shot at the 300  Year mark of our Lady of Peñafrancia.


Fourth Challenge. Light a candle at Our Lady of Peñafrancia Shrine.


Fifth Challenge. Take a picture of a vendor at the newest monument in the city.


Sixth Challenge. Salute the martyrs of Naga City.


Last Challenge. Have a groufie with the late DILG Secretary Jesse M. Robredo.


And our last stop was at My Spa located at corner Liboton and Peñafrancia Avenue, Naga City and to our surprise was a SPArty. We were treated to choose any of their Spa packages and that’s not it, Bratanella Cupcakes was there too complete with delicious Red Velvet, Chocolate Mint and Mocha cupcakes adorned in a mini Ferris wheel perfect with a cup of tea or hot choco given as a compliment after the relaxing body scrub, massage or foot scrub.


Naga X Challenge via Taxicle and a rewarding SPArty by My Spa and Bratanella Cupcakes was truly unforgettable. And I think I need another one.

Details  on Naga’s Taxicles, My Spa and Bratanella Cucpcakes will be published on my next posts so stay tuned.


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