A glimpse at New Crown Hotel Naga : LEGEN…wait for it!!! DARY!-Legendary

New Crown Hotel Naga is one of cities finest and considered as one of the pioneers in the world of hotels and fine dining in the metro. Asha Hotel started with 30 rooms, was established in 1960’s as a commercial building with a fashion school and an office alongside with Holiday Inn, Lendes Hotel, Bicolandia Hotel, Metro Hotel and Malinisa Hotel.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati.
Photo credits to Nick Pahati.

Thirty four years after its establishment in 1970 and formal operation in 1971, this establishment has been loyally patronized by businessmen, politicians and tourist alike. It started with 80 rooms and in mid 1980’s the hotel’s 4th floor caught on fire, but the management never gave up despite of the disaster they have experienced and continued what they have started even though its  ” batch mate” hotels closed for good.

Mr. Fred Romero or Sir Fred has been with the Crown Hotel family for almost 55 years earning the trust and respect from the Dy Family and from the employees as well.

Sir Fred and Ms. Apple during the interview at Cafe Frederico.
Sir Fred and Ms. Apple during the interview at Cafe Frederico.

He knows everything!, from the rooms, linen, management, menus and every last detail of it. If your unfamiliar with what to eat during your stay, he’s the answer to your prayers and he knows what he’s talking about. His expertise in this business makes him a perfect companion.

The secret in earning patronage among their costumers is keeping their anonymity and of course, the total security they offer.

After having lunch at Mama Enga, we checked in with Ms. Apple, the staff behind the front desk were very friendly and very helpful as well. We were given the keys to our room which was located at the 3rd Floor of the hotel.


Me and my room mate Ms. Ivy was given a Deluxe Twin Bedroom which comes with a complimentary breakfast at The Park Restaurant.  It was homey, the bed was so fluffy and comfty, and to tell you the truth, I can lock myself in here all day. I mean seriously to get out from the buzz and fuzz of the metro. hahaha


We had the privilege to view other rooms of the hotel. This is their Executive Suite A which is famous for its view outside: a glimpse of Quince Martyres and Plaza Quezon. The perfect room during the Traslacion Procession.




It also has a living room good for entertaining other guests/ visitors when you’re at the hotel.


One thing I love to do when I am in a hotel is to take a picture of the hallway. Mostly it gets really weird and creepy..hahaha


As of today, they have 40 rooms and function halls for big events. Their Magdalena Hall can accommodate 300 guests. New Crown Hotel Naga has all the amenities you need without spending a lot and has one of the best location in the city because of the easy access to food stalls/food chains, stores, banks, and very near to Naga’s dubbed Quaipo church which is San Francisco Church.

We had a great time staying at New Crown Hotel Naga and a big thanks to Sir TR for being our sponsor during our #SSSstaycation.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati.

New Crown Hotel Naga is located right at the Central Business District 1, Elias Angelest St. Naga City.  For reservations, please contact the hotel at (054) 473 8305.

For more details on rooms and prices, check out www.nagacitydeck.com and/or bicolbloggers.com.


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