I’m Taken

“Sorry I’m taken…taken for granted”

I blurted out to my fellow bloggers, it was meant as a joke and everyone laughed.

But it hit me and made me think that the joke made sense, a lot of it. Maybe the caffein sinked deeply into the nuerons of my mind or the sugar rushed quickly into my veins. I really love coffee, the bitter taste that lingers  in every part if it. I like it strong, very strong for it keeps me alive. But I refrain from consuming too much sugary food (my father’s side has that diabetic strain) and I have allergies on chocolates too very unfortunate indeed.

I have many insecurities and fondly steps into the state of mild depression and copes up by eating icecream, vanilla to be exact.

There are too many ideas circulating, too many memories reminiced, too many things that are happening that sometimes get out of control, too many assumed feelings.

Sorry I’m taken, taken for granted.


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