Coffee X Pasta X Pastries : The Coffee Pod Cafe

Aside from vanilla and strawberry, one of my favorite is coffee.

Yes I know, it’s bitter. Let’s be honest, the comfort you can get from it replaces the bitter taste into something new, refreshing and rejuvenating.

There were quiet a number of coffee shops in the city of Naga, some of them had already closed and this newly opened cafe takes the risks. The owner, Ms. Shai is very young and talented in the art of cooking even though she didn’t have the formal education on culinary. She is very hands-on with her business and is quiet busy in the kitchen. Yes, she prepares every order with care, passion and finesse to assure that the cafe gives only the best to its costumers.

The Coffee Pod Cafe opened last March 15, 2015. Its pastel colored features from the outside invites goers to take a sneak, a sip and enjoy the rest of their stay that will surely make you come back for more.


As what this signs says, “Caffeine Awaits”…


Once you enter the place, streaks of light colors relaxes your body and mind, a lot of pastel, and a lot of artworks.


A mural on the other side of the shop was huge and cute at the same time, the artist got a lot of time and skills to put this up.


The place and food complimented each other. Ambiance is great and the food…one of the best I’ve ever tasted.


One good thing about their pasta is, each variety has its own distinct flavor and that should how it goes. The taste is bold and unique unlike any other, the herbs and fresh ingredients lingers the palate and not too over powering. You can never go wrong if you’re unfamiliar with the menu because everything is worth trying for and will give you satisfaction.

Here are some of the pasta dishes from the coffee pod.

Arrabiata for PhP 95.00
Pesto Pasta for PhP 95.00
White Seafood Pasta for Php 115.00
Lasagna Style for PhP 95.00
Aglio Olio for PhP 105.00
Spicy Chicken for PhP 105.00

Here’s their take on your favorite classic sandwiches, pancakes and cupcakes freshly made for you. Not too sweet for those who watches their calories, not bland for those who wants tasty and find it satiety.

Special Chili Dog for PhP 90.00
Ham and Cheese for PhP 90.00
Clubhouse for PhP 90.00
Chocolate Chips Pancake for PhP 90.00
Blueberry Pancake for PhP 90.00

IMG_8411 IMG_8412

And let us not forget the star of the shop, the humble looking but genuinely tasting “Coffee Blends and Fruit Juices”. My heart is just so happy in seeing my good old love coffee making its way to stardom, strawberry and vanilla were there too!!!

There are blends for those who love it bitter and for the sweet tooth.

Frozen Monkey for PhP 90.00
Butter Beer for PhP 90.00/100.00
Cookie Crumble for PhP 90.00
Latte for PhP 50.00/60.00
Taro for PhP 80.00

   Here’s the full list  and prices of their menu:

Coffee Blends and Juices:

Black Coffee 30/40, Coffee Cream 40/50, Latte 50/60, Mocha 60/70

Chocolate 50/60, Butter Beer 90/100, Cookie Crumble 90, Frozen Monkey 90

Iced Tea 50, Strawberry Lemonade 60, Mocha 80, Caramel 80, Choco chip 80

Taro 80,  Vanilla 80, Watermelon 80,


Pesto Pasta 95, Tuna Setti 95, Aglio Olio 105, Lasagna Style 95

Arrabiata 95, Spicy Chicken 105, Chicken Carbonara 105, White Seafood Pasta 115

Breads, Sandwiches, Pancakes:

Special Chilidog 90, Ham and Cheese 90, Clubhouse 90, Banana and Nutella 80

Peanut Butter and Jelly 80, Blueberry Pancakes 90, Rainbow Candy Pancakes 80

Chocolate Chip Pancakes 90,

Look how happy the costumers were, the counter is full of post it notes.


Visit The Coffee Pod Cafe at Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City in front of Tapsi Terminal for a coffee x pasta experience like no other.




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