Wanderlust: W(a)(o)ndering Where in Bicol?

My work brings me to places few people have been and a lot have read about. It’s like having a vacation for a whole year and bringing the goals and objectives of the office. Work maybe tough at times because of my figure and health condition (but I’m not sickly) but the different challenges and experiences encountered will never be replaced with anything in this world.

Now, let me take you to places I thought I cannot reach.

DSC_0003Our first stop, the Mother Tree located inside Bicol Natural Park specifically at Basud, Camarines Norte. Its an hour and a half ride from Naga City and getting there requires great determination and courage for you will never know who you will be seeing. I’m not threatening you about this, just giving some warnings. Before entering the park, you should seek assistance to deputized Bantay Gubat Volunteers stationed at the Protected Area (PA) Office, Lupi, Camarines Sur for they are knowledgeable of the area.

DSC_0036It is almost an hour and a half trek through the forest and be aware and alert on what you might step on the trails for vines with thorns are everywhere. It gets more exciting when you have to cross fallen logs and creeks.

And when you hear rustling waters, you know you’re already very near with your destination. Alas! in front of you is the Mother Tree, the largest I’ve seen so far.

It was the largest whereas ten (10) people can hug its buttress but I think not the tallest in the area. Adjacent to it is a river with clear and cold waters perfect for swimming.


Next stop, Libmanan Caves National Park.

Located at , Libmanan, Camarines Sur, this 19 ha. protected area boasts its own natural marvel. Reaching the area requires a 30 minute walk starting from the national road. Covered with lush forests and vegetation, the PA is perfect for relaxation and spiritual healing but be cautious in entering the caves for some are very deep and slippery and sometimes eerie. But nevertheless reaching it is truly worth it.DSC_0233


IMG_4110This falls looks enchanting and I forget its name and is sorry for that. Located at Barangay Hobo, Pasacao, Camarines Sur, adventure seekers will surely enjoy travelling to this destination. A habal-habal (motorcycle) from Brgy. Macad will take you to this paradise but before that, the terrain you will take is  wet and wild. Yes, a long winding river will be severally crossed. Once you reached the barangay site, you will now have a 30 minute trek to the falls. But please do be reminded that the depth of the pool is not determined so take necessary precautions.


DSC_0545Malabsay Falls in Panicuason, Naga City inside the area of Mt. Isarog Natural Park.

Many foreign and local tourist have been frequently visiting this area because of its accessibility to different kinds of vehicles. An entrance fee or “environmental fee” will be paid for at the gate: PhP 10.00 for locals and Php 50.00 for foreigners.

There is a trail going to the falls which is quiet tricky, slippery, but is safe enough to visitors. The area is so cool, heavily forested and peaceful perfect for your nature oriented activities.


Who will resist this view??? Clear, cold waters gushing from above, the serene feeling you get makes you want to submit yourself to the water and heal every aching muscle in your body(well that’s what I felt!). For those brave and determined, they can jump into the waters from atop the trail but be sure you know how to swim and be very prepared for the ice cold splash your getting.


And the area is not altered, maybe some man made developments but still jives with the environment. Any angle is best for pictorials, selfies and groufies.


And for our last stop is not for the fainthearted, Bulan-ugan Falls inside Lagonoy Natural Biotic Area, Agosais, Lagonoy, Camarines Sur.

A habal-habal from the Central Business District of the municipality will drive you at the foot of Brgy. Agosais. From there is a 3 hour back DSC_0036breaking, foot wrenching (I’m not exaggerating this but I’m a slow walker) walk up until the Barangay Site. The trail is rocky and a little bit steep but the view is wonderful for you will have a glimpse of Lagonoy and nearby municipalities and the sea!!! oh how I really love to step on the beach with the sand and water on my feet.


Anyway, after reaching the barangay site, there will be an hour rolling terrain trek to the falls approximately 1.3 kilometers. Coordinate with the Barangay Officials for you to be guided along the way. The trail is tight, just enough for a single person to pass, be very cautious for it is adjacent to cliffs and forests, rocky and sometimes slippery and there will be creeks to be crossed.


And this view welcomes you with grace and majesty. A sight to behold (a tear might have even drop from my eye that moment from all the hardships) and to cherish for the rest of your life, truly breathtaking. Few people have dared to take the challenge in getting there and some of them made it only once and never came back but not me for I will surely be back as soon as I can.

Waters were clear and cool perfect for taking a dip and swim. Cottages were also present in the area for the tourists to use during their stay. We were there for only an hour but it was pure perfect.


We have to walk for another 4 hours to be able to go home in time and to catch the last trip to Naga. We were not able to ride the habal-habal anymore and took the so-called short cut route. It was also exciting for at the end of the walk we have to take a boat ride across a river for Php 5.00 and it was frightening and fun at the same time.

And there were some of my work destinations that I am deeply cherishing every single day. Our main goal is to preserve and protect them for the future generations to see and enjoy. I may not have the time to swim in any of those but I have enjoyed the trips, the people I met along the way and the experience of a lifetime.

So come with me in my next journey!


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