#WhensDay Eats at the Capital Town of Cam. Sur

FOODTRIP! what does it mean???

For us it means we got to eat different kind of street foods in a tight budget for several hours while having so much fun. Pili as the Capital Town in the Province of Camarines Sur, is a cradle to different kind of businesses, small to large scale trade. And one way to enjoy the market is to explore, eat and EAT!!!


I dubbed this event as #WhensDay and tagged my good friend Jah and my sister Lez to different stalls in Pili. Our first stop, Aling Virings Barbecue..


An array of pork and chicken cuts are readily available to be put on the grill. Isaw (pork and chicken intestine), Dugo (cubed chicken blood), Helmet (chicken’s head), Butsi (chicken crop if I spelled that correctly), Balun-balunan (part of the chicken’s intestinal track), Talinga (IMG_9349[1]poIMG_9350[1]rk’s ear), hotdogs, pork belly, and pork and chicken barbecue with price ranging from PhP 5.00 to 60.00. Dipping includes sweet sauce and vinegar with cucumber and chili.

For tourists, eating at this stalls will be like a Fear Factor Challenge. But please do dare to take a bite for you will never regret it and even munch into something more.

Next stop, Bonador-ViÑas Halo-Halo located inside the market.

Halo-halo is a famous Filipino refreshment composed of different fruits and sweets on top of shaved ice drizzled with evaporated milk and finished with cheese and leche flan (custard). Here at Pili, Halo-halo is served in bowls unlike the traditional tall glass.


This is well enjoyed during hot days but available year round. A bowl costs Php25.00 to 30.00 good for two persons or all to yourself.


IMG_9347[1] IMG_9346[1]

Ate here drizzled ours with lots of milk and cheese and turned out to be so creamy just the way I like it. Thanks Ate for being so generous!

I wanted to eat Pansit with Dinuguan that day but my companions don’t so we have to move on.

Jah asked me if I eat “Abnoy”, sounds not right but I do eat it!

Abnoy is an unusual snack because it is made from bugok (unfertilized egg, spoiled egg but not rotten or almost)  with onion and garlic and cooked like a pancake or scrambled egg.


IMG_9342[1] IMG_9341[1]

Some say it has a foul smell and taste but it do taste good when dippped in vinegar with spices. Lez took a small bite and spit it out, I don’t know what went wrong because it really tastes like scrambled egg, really!

While we were busy eating Abnoy, Lez ate at the adjacent stall serviIMG_9338[1]ng steamed IMG_9339[1]siomai and wait what?veggies in sticks?really? Yes it happened, it really happened in Pili and I was astonished. I didn’t dared to take a bite hahaha sorry for that. But for figure conscious foodies, you might want to try  and tell me how it tastes please, I know cabbage and beans go well in Nilaga.

It’s time for “tusok-tusok” or finger food in sticks. Isaw manok (chicken instestine),butsi (chicken crop), quail eggs coated IMG_9335[1]with orange batter, fried lumpia (made from veggies and meat) were available in another stall. Again, dipping sauces were present for compliment. Cold drinks were available too for PhP 5.00-10.00 IMG_9334[1]

Our stomachs were beginning to fill up but we came back at Aling Viring’s for the second wave of our barbecue cravings. As we were eating Dugo and Isaw, Lez told Jah about Angel’s Burger and its famous Buy One Take One Burgers and the Jumbo Cheese Dog Footlong.

Nevertheless, we were heading for our last (hopefully) stop.

Do not under estimate this humble looking burger chain. Many have been patronizing this joint for years and I can’t blame them for that. There’s this “masa” factor that people came back for more.


We patiently waited for our order to be cooked. A jumbo cheesedog footlong.


And no, we ordered just one and cut it into three parts for we cannot eat a whole sandwich after eating so much. For just Php 40.00, the satisfaction you get is unbelievable. Yes it’s cheap but the taste is outstanding and the mayo is unlike any other which is not that sour.

IMG_9330[1]I thought that it was our last meal of our foodtrip and Jah was curious about what I told her. I said that the burger patty of Angel’s is from New Zealand which made her giggle and ordered the Buy One Take One Hamburger for PhP 26.00 (13 pesos per piece). Where in the world will she put that in her stomach. Me and my sister shared while Jah finished the other one. What an appetite. The patty is juicy and can be compared with other famous fastfood chains or can I say even better.

But the patties were not from NZ but rather in a food company in the Philippines which Kuya said “CDO” just to be clear.

And yes that was the last to enter our tiny little stomach. Jah, my sister and I had a really great time and for sure I will be doing this again in the near future.

So that was it, our #WhensDay Eats at the Capital Town Pili, Camarines Sur. Happy eating!


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