An Open Letter To Naga City Deck

Dear NCD,

I’m sorry but this is just short.

I’m quiet honored and very thankful for being one of your contributors to which primarily aims to promote Naga City, the Bicol Region and the Philippines to the world. I myself is a proud Bikolana.

For six years, you have been a big part of the city updating local and foreign tourists and netizens on tourist destinations; establishments like hotels and restaurants, guide to different places in Naga and other sites in Bicol, on upcoming events and a lot more.  Plus, one of the TRUSTED blogger.

And as fan and self proclaimed employee( I may say), I made my very own Anniversary Wishlist for you Boss.

1. An iMac or a MacBook Air. Hey you deserve the best right? It will be of great help when writing and updating posts and status.


2. An Iphone 6 Plus or another equally performing phone. Yes, I know No. 1 sums this up but you’re always on the go plus these gadgets are quiet handy and great on social media sites. A pic or two will be successfully huge and let us not forget the unlimited cellular data for free!!!


and finally…

3. A DSLR and Go Pro Camera complete with accessories. Tourist spots, events and others need high definition photos and these are the gadgets you need to achieve that.

Gopro-Camera-Accessories-3 High-Quality-Professional-Digital-Camera-Photo-Backpack-Waterproof-Camera-Bag-Case-For-Canon-Nikon-DSLR-Cameras

This list might be over-the-top but  remember that there are people who deserves the best and one of them is you. May this wishlist came true ASAP and may we have many more trips to come. Thank you for the unending encouragements.

Congratulations on your 6th year and more years to come.



P.S. sorry again for this pic. I know you want to remain anonymous so I removed it immediately.hehehe

Photos are from Google Images.


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