Gabby’s Flights of Fancy

Tablets, IPads, computer games, some of the technologies that has taken over the young minds of this generation.

But not this 14 year old kid in the name of Gabby Basbas whose artistry is quiet remarkable, from the canvass, to the paper and up to the strings of her guitar which clings perfectly to every stroke of her hand.


Today, Gabby, together with her family and mentor shares some of her works to the public in an Art Exhibit dubbed as “Flights of Fancy”.

DSC_0367 DSC_0377

Gabby’s mentor, Mr. Pen formally opens the exhibit and gave a little background on her.


Watercolor, Pen and Chinese Ink on canvass consists Gabby’s work. Broad, vivid curved/parallel lines, a little bit of pastel and women mostly is her subject. And yes there’s a lot of imagery and creativity.  

DSC_0337 DSC_0336

She’s quiet peculiar with each of the detail of her artwork spending a lot of time on them which I think is time well spent.


In every good artists are proud parents; supporting their kids every step of the way. Mom and Dad here are Artist themselves.



Fourteen Paintings (representing her age according to what I have heard) are displayed and for public viewing at Anthosia Cafe, Panganiban Drive, Naga City running today until the third week of May.


Gabby is an inspiration to all of us, that every person is an artist and they just have to discover what they are good at and nurture them. For talents are not to be kept to oneself thus to be shared.

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