One of Naga’s Supermom

We first met in a blogging event and she was quiet busy with her IPad, tech-y I guess; she was outgoing, fun, friendly, and outspoken.

A petite woman who loves to wear shorts (who would??? if you have legs like hers its a dream come true) named (or aka) Sam Brown.

Well she’s happily married, has three wonderful daughters and is famous in her field. She’s the friendliest of the friendliest I know having tons of friends who she loves and loves her dearly.  She is a certified multi-tasker and let me tell you how and why. I did a little research and a crash interview at  around 12 midnight using the facebook  chatbox and we exchange messages at around 1:00 A.M. Well we’re owls so it’s ok.

First. She is an Event Specialist.

Yes, she’s behind on some successful events in the metro and at some other places too.  But it’s not about the money she said for sometimes she have turned down some, even it costs a lot; she chooses her clients very well for she works with all her heart and soul.


Second. She is a Blogger.

She’s a writer (that’s one factor why we get along, I think). She writes about her work, experiences and her being a wife and mom and well one of my fellow Bicol Blogger.  You can visit her page .


Third. She is a Radio DJ.

It started about a month ago and airs at 9:00 PM to 12 midnight and who would have thought that “Sexy Nights with Ms. S” will be this phenomenal. If you hear her voice on the radio you will be in love. She now has a tremendous amount of fans,  good on giving love advice and even made a couple vow their love on air. So romantic!!!! She’s a Certified Love Guru.


Fourth. She is a Promoter.

Events, hotels, restaurants, brands, advocacies; you name it she got some of it. She’s one of the trusted critics so how do you argue with that.

Five. She is an Event Host.

She’s good at organizing events and good at hosting them too. She know all the details and good at entertaining guests. What more can we ask for??

Six. She is an Artist.

Well, were all artist on our personal fields but she is a theater actress and a dancer who moves with finesse and grace.


Seven. She is a proud Cultural Worker/ Environmentalist.

An advocate of Mother Earth together with her family. Highly supports local efforts in saving cultural heritage and the environment.


Eight. She is a proud Wife/ Mom.

At the end of the day, she comes home as a wife and a mother.

Home management is credited  to her husband who helps her with everything especially with the kids. He looks after them at school and both teaches them basic life skills like laundry, washing of dishes and gardening.


Busy as she is, she always find time to be with her family. Doing unforgettable memories, being there every step of the way.



11008471_10204054629187595_4099842150891763108_n 10959579_10203896258788434_1070016975365037636_n

You’ll find her at the back cheering her kids, giving her utmost support.


What a Superwoman she is or better Supermom.

And I quote….

“Basta I always thank God for giving me strong legs, so I could always walk with the kids and guide them..loving arms to hold them and a big heart to love them until my last breath. I blog for them, I do things that someday I would make them proud. Hope with the mistakes I sometimes made, I am still the best mom in their eyes.”

That’s how Ms. Sam live her life. Maybe not the best but always better.

-Photos are from her blog, fb account.-


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