The Coffee Table: Brewing Coffee with Finesse

I’m addicted to coffee and to visit every coffee shop/cafe in the metro is a dream come true.

Now, I’m going to tell you about my “The Coffee Table” experience.


Located at the 2nd floor of ADC Hotel, the place is simple, rustic and straight forward. Baristas were very busy behind the counter: another full house afternoon.

And still has the time to pose for a pic. 🙂 Thanks guys.

Who doesn’t love pasta??? well you’re missing the comfort it gives. I actually really love pasta dishes (noodles is one of my weakness) and knows how to cook so seeing these different varieties makes it more exciting.Technically Filipinos love spaghetti (a lot of meat, sausage and cheese plus the Filipino style sauce) and is hesitant about trying “new ones”

This one is their take on the “red” pasta.

Verdure Pasta

I’m allergic to seafood but still tried and well never regret tasting it.

Seafood Sundried Pasta

And you can never go wrong with this.  If you like herbs this one will fit your cravings.

Aglio E Olio

They make look and sound new but once tried will definitely keep you coming back for more.

We were served with crepes. And to tell you, it’s my first time to eat “crepe” and I know it’s for dessert!

Fresh fruits, ice cream, whip cream and of course “cherry on top” drizzled with syrup. It’s doesn’t taste very sweet and flavors blended with one another.

Fruity Crepe

And who said crepes are only for desserts. Check out these savory ones.

I find this a little bit salty but with the yolk and the chips it turned out pretty well.

Chorizo and Egg Crepe

And this one is a dream come true. I suppose. Chicken, home made cheese and herbs wrapped in a crepe. Weeeee!!!my taste buds were in action. You can tell the freshness of the ingredients used.


Oh I forgot this was a coffee shop. Surprisingly, their coffee blends complimented the dishes whether it is savory or sweet. And that is the objective of the owner, Doc Steve and pretty worked out well.

I ordered an Iced Mocha (extra bitter), this made the Barista laugh. Well I like the coffee to kick my sleepy head.

Iced Caramel Macchiato and Iced Mocha.

And ever heard of dessert coffee? Yes. Dessert and Coffee in one.


Coffee with desiccated coconut. Sounds interesting right????

Here’s a reminder to patrons…stop chatting with the phone..

IMG_2218 IMG_2227 IMG_2252 IMG_2255

Twas fun. For a different coffee experience, visit The Coffee Table at the 2nd Floor of ADC Hotel, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City


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