Don Rodolfo’s : A Cafè for Adventure Seekers

Something new, something unique,something local but boasts with sophistication.

It’s how I can describe this new Cafè which name was derived from their late father (sweetest thing a child could do). Located at Liboton, Naga City, it is highly patronized by students from the nearby colleges/universities and frequently visited by young employees together with their colleagues.


They serve the basic: pasta, sandwiches, frap, coffee and sweets. But basic sometimes mean adventurous in the sense of taste, flavor, and appearance and dared to be the first to serve some pretty “in” in this generation.

They serve four pasta dishes.

Burnt Butter. Simple and flavorful; topped with cheese and bacon.


Tuna Pasta. Creamy pasta with chunks of tuna perfect for conscious eaters. Guilt free carb meal.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati
Photo credits to Nick Pahati

Rodolfo’s Pasta. Well I’ll tell you a story. This one was just confusing, originally planned to be named as Kinalas Pasta (Kinalas is a noodle dish famous here in Naga City) but tasted like Adobo for some. Well you should try it to judge it, right? But you’ll never regret it. Tell me what’s your vote.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati

Sisig Pasta. Crunchy pork in creamy spicy sauce. I can say nothing else because this is just sooo damn good I am in a food coma.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati
Photo credits to Nick Pahati

All of Rodolfo’s Pasta is white, interesting.

Sandwich. Reinvented  the classic clubhouse into something more of their style: with cheese sauce and fries.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati
Photo credits to Nick Pahati

Burger. Well this is one of the famous. I mean who will not drool over this. It’s like a dream come true for all that a burger looks like a real burger. Seriously look at it and the taste: authentic. Served with their house blend Iced Tea.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati

Cheese sticks. Literal “cheese” sticks deep fried accompanied with pink mayo. Best eaten hot, not too hot just the right hotness you can take.

Smores Mug. They were the first to introduce this sweet treat to the Naguenos. Chocolate lovers must try this delectable treat. Paired with bread sticks: choco coated or plain.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati
Photo credits to Nick Pahati

Black Burger. Another first in the metro. Who would have thought that this will be of great success. What does it taste??? Hauntingly amazing I tell you.  And yes this is not for the faint hearted.  Rodolfo’s is also home to amazing artworks by our very own budding artist Yvette Ducut.


Doodle artists Lei Melendres, Marso Ya and Gelo Morales also contributed their very own cafe themed artworks.


Rodolfo’s interior design: mature bold colors.

IMG_0471 IMG_0474 IMG_0475 IMG_0486Oh well where’s the coffee if this is a cafe?

I’ll be telling stories of coffee blends and fraps on my next experience. So stay tuned  and for now visit Don Rodolfo’s 10 AM to 10 PM from Mondays to Saturdays and 12 NN to 10 PM on Sundays.


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