It’s time to go head over heels for DIVA’s How Do I Look? Asia – the highly anticipated Asian re-imagination of the hit fashion makeover series. Billed as “Asia’s ultimate fashion fix,” How Do I Look? Asia debuted last Monday, 31 August at 8PM (SIN/MAL) on DIVA, NBCUniversal International Networks’ leading entertainment channel for women in Asia.

The NBCUniversal International format, produced by NBCUniversal’s Matchbox Asia, follows Malaysian celebrity and style icon Sazzy Falak as she guides eight fashion victims to the path of fashion enlightenment. Jeannie Mai, host of the original U.S. version, and a familiar face to Asian viewers, features in each episode, setting up the fashion challenges each week.

The fashion-challenged victims include onesie-addict/ blogger Apple Allison of Sole Searching Soul (Philippines); indie rock guitarist Ariana (Malaysia); mismatch, mishap/ watercolor artist Choc (Taiwan); sales executive, and literally plain Jane (Philippines/Australia); overachieving, yet outdated, Lavinya (Malaysia); rebel teacher Lianni (Philippines); romantically-insecure Maisarah (Singapore); and the uninspiringly-dressed motivational speaker Yessinta (Indonesia).

Episode 1 – Arianna (Malaysia)

Premieres 31 Aug, 2015

23 year old Ariana is a driven indie musician, who considers clothes an unnecessary distraction from her music. Often raiding her friend’s wardrobes, she favours ill-fitting jeans and button-down tops which do nothing to showcase her great figure. The truth is this musician by night and barista by day, who contributes her earnings to the running of the family home, feels supporting her parents, is so much more important than buying new clothes. This performer needs to find her style groove so she can conquer the world one song at a time and How Do I Look? Asia is about to show her how.

Fashion in five words according to Arianna: ordinary, boyish, messy, predictable and borrowed

Episode 2 – Apple Allison (Philippines)

Premieres 7 September, 2015

HDILA Press_AppleAllison_Before

HDILA Press_AppleAllison_Silhouette

One of the biggest challenges for someone in marketing is being able to effectively market themselves. Apple is a 26 year old digital marketing specialist and blogger whose addiction to onesies is hindering her ability to be taken seriously at work. But her fashion sense stems from her inner struggles and pains – a result of being bullied for her size in school. How Do I Look? Asia will teach her that the “packaging” is just as important as the package.

Fashion in five words according to Apple: Fun, colourful, flexible, over-accessorized and crazy

Episode 3 – Choc (Taiwan)

Premieres 14 September, 2015

26 year old watercolour artist Choc’s style is eccentric – pattern on pattern, prints on prints, always clashing and always mismatched. Choc loves to mimic her art and layer texture, colours and patterns in her everyday wear. But the mishmash of prints and patterns isn’t Choc’s only problem – her conservative wardrobe that features plenty of long sleeves, loose tops and options for layering does nothing for her slim figure. How Do I Look? Asia is about to show Choc how she can tone down on her outfits and let her artwork, instead of clothing, speak on her behalf.

Fashion in five words according to Choc: Mismatched, too colourful, unflattering, loose and too casual

Episode 4 – Yessinta (Indonesia)

Premieres 21 September, 2015

Yessinta has accomplished a lot despite her young age. At 25, she is an author and motivational speaker. But despite the success in her life, one thing has not changed since high school – her look. After watching a weight loss programme on television during her school days, Yessinta’s weight dropped from 111kg to 65 kg through exercise and healthy eating. With her new found confidence, she started to dress in tight and revealing clothes believing they would make her look sexy and empowering. How Do I Look? Asia is about to give Yessinta a lesson in dressing right for her body type and help her achieve a professional look while still flattering her fantastic new figure.

Fashion in five words according to Yessinta: Casual, cool, carefree, juvenile and sexy

Episode 5 – Sarah (Singapore)

Premieres 28 September, 2015

31 year old Sarah has always dressed to impress the men in her life. But after one too many failed relationships and painful breakups, Sarah started to lose her self-esteem and body confidence, trading glamour and heels for shapeless, comfortable basics to blend into the background. How Do I Look? Asia is about to resurrect the fashion diva in Sarah and give her new lease on life by rebuilding her confidence and reclaiming her identity.

Fashion in five words according to Sarah: Plain, dreary, dark, layered and unflattering

Episode 6 – Jane (Australia)

Premieres 5 October, 2015

Recently engaged, 28 year old sales executive Jane moved to the Philippines from Australia together with her fiancé. And while preparations are underway for her big day, she has confessed that the first item to be trimmed from their wedding budget is her wedding dress! Well, that is not surprise from someone who, on rare shopping occasions, shops by price point and ends up with shapeless ill-fitting clothes that are on discount. Can How Do I Look? Asia turn plain Jane who shops at the granny stores into sophisticated Jane who embraces clothes that celebrates her body and youth?

Fashion in five words according to Jane: Unglamorous, casual, beach-y, unflattering and relaxed

Episode 7 – Lianni (Philippines)

Premieres 12 October, 2015

26 year old Lianni juggles 3 different roles at a school – she is a school registrar, student affairs officer and teacher – who is using fashion as a defense mechanism. Growing up, Lianni was often teased and bullied for being boyish and that resulted in her deliberately dressing like a boy in hand-me-down jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. But deep down inside, Lianni is a confident and feminine woman who longs to style herself in high heels and dresses. With a little How Do I Look? Asia magic, Lianni is about to get schooled in the style department and will never be mistaken for a boy again.

Fashion in five words according to Lianni: Hiphop, loose, old, inappropriate and boyish

Episode 8 – Lavinya (Malaysia)

Premieres 19 October, 2015

Lavinya is a single mother to her 15 year old daughter and a committed homemaker to her family. She is turning 40 this year and about to embark on a new milestone in her life when she completes her degree in Business Administration. But with a recent promotion at work, she needs to up the ante when it comes to her fashion style to match her new role and start dressing like success. Can How Do I Look? Asia give her a wardrobe transformation that will not only benefit her, but also her daughter, to become the role model to her that she herself never had?

Fashion in five words according to Lavinya: Comfortable, outdated, casual, long, and safe

To achieve a professional look that can be replicated for the everyday, Sazzy will be joined by a guest stylist in each episode: Liz Uy (Filipina celebrity stylist); Zac Wu (Taiwanese celebrity stylist); Andrea Wong (former editor of Elle Malaysia); and Anindita Saryuf (fashion director of Elle Indonesia).

In each episode, Sazzy and an accomplice – a concerned family member, friend or colleague – will help transform the lucky fashion victim into a beacon of style.   After having their wardrobe raided, the individual will have their current fashion choices face the “Eww Tube”, one of the iconic features of the original format. The “Eww Tube” is a vacuum cleaner-like machine that literally sucks offending outfits up and away after they have been eliminated by the panel of fashion experts and accomplices.

The transformations featured on the series transcend fashion and style. Viewers will also get to witness the complex and emotional backstories of the victims, whose glamorous new looks, and freshly developed sense of style, act as a catalyst for them to adopt a more positive and confident outlook on life.


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