Where Art(ists) meets Food : Anthosia Cafè

This was once so near yet so far (if you know what I mean) well I can explain further. This cafe was just near our office building before. But because of the need to have a bigger space for regulars, artists and artworks, they moved to another place.

Well enough with the drama. After a year, Version Two is already open. 



We were greeted with sweets from Bratanella Patisserie with her dessert buffet. 


We were all born artists and Anthosia is home to some of us.

From paintings to sketches to photography to visual arts to music to poetry, you name it they have it. The place is a mixture of old and new, from usual to unusual, to patriotic. 

IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2941 IMG_2946

They give a lot of “insists” on our national heroes and well that’s pretty much inspiring.

Bonifacio Mural Sessions “ieu?” presents local singers hailing from the region.

The counter blends with the artistry of the place.


And lets not forget about the food. This is how artists name and present them and the price is so affordable.

Hijo de Pasta

Pasta with meatballs and fresh tomato sauce. This was one of their new pasta dishes.

Maria Pasta Suplada

Pasta with black olives, basil and tangy red sauce. Well this might give you a wink 😉 but don’t get me wrong, red pasta makes people go crazy or crazier.😱😝


Pasta with Tinapa (smoked fish) flakes, herbs and olive oil. 

Pasta dishes were interesting as to their names, from simple to surprisingly good taste.

From left to right. Pagmamahal, Pag-ibig and Happy.

Pagmamahal is their take on “iced tea”. Pag-ibig (love) is just confusing (hahaha) but tastes good. And Happy jumps up and down your mouth delivering overwhelming joy.

From left to right. Kape Senyorita and Kape Elsa.

I like Kape Senyorita than Kape Elsa. I like my coffee bitter hehehe but Kape Elsa is perfect for caramel lovers so we have an argument at that point.

Patatas Pa More: their own version of fries has different varieties and dips to choose from.

Patatas Pa More (Sour Cream)
Patatas Pa More

This is the happiest heartbreak I’ve ever experienced. My stomach was happy so I’m happy. Pan de Oriang is a best seller, good tasting heart shaped pizza freshly baked for single persons like me.

Pan De Oriang : the famous two faced heart shaped madness.

Kisses. Buns I mean tons of it.

Halik Mo Lang Burger

This cafe is for the lovers, the singles, the “were friends”, the couples, the barkada and many more.

Visit their new branch at Taal Avenue, Naga City beside Krypton Grill.


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