A Year of Scribbling My Life with Black and White

Four years ago, I made a blog about literature and photography as a requirement to my Humanities subject: sipocotasinsipulangangui.wordpress.com which name was derived from my two home towns (yes I have two) Sipocot, Cam. Sur and Polangui, Albay.

I posted several essays and poems and pictures and after the semester I left it out.

But last year things had changed when my brother joined an online contest and won a dinner for three at Woodstone Kitchen. The promo was presented by Naga City Deck (NCD) a blog promoting Naga and Camarines Sur. I wrote an article to NCD about our dining experience(after Traslacion Procession) and that was pretty much the start of seriously getting myself into blogging. I then became a contributor to NCD even until now(seldom posts.😳sorry😬).


I tried to revive my recent blog account but find it difficult to changed the domain so I created a new one which I am using up to this day 13blackandwhitescribbles.wordpress.com . Just like before, this is also about literature and photography and now also about my adventures with Bicol Bloggers’ family which I recently joined last February 2015.

My new blog was made on the month of September so it’s my First Year Anniversary!!!😍😄😉Hooray!!! It’s been a year of happiness😃, sadness😔 and in betweens😳!!!

But I’ll never forget where all of these started. To my Hum Instructors Sir Kim and Sir Rye and especially to NCD who drove me to believe in my passion which is writing, to discover new places, to meet new people and to remain humble despite all the praises we might get. I may sometime talk too much nonsense but in reality is I’m still looking up to all of you!

May I have the courage to continue as much as you have been doing so. There’s been drama already😭😂. Thank You and looking forward to the upcoming years of blogging!

The languidness of your mind that interferes with your personality is a tantamount of death which shall be relieved by scribbling your life of simply black and white.


P.S. Thank you again Chef Ton of Woodstone Kitchen for my anniversary dinner. hihihi


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