SityemBreakfast, Merienda and Tienda sa Fiesta at Que Pasa Naga

September for Bicolano’s is an important month not only because it’s the start of the Christmas season but also the time for Penafrancia Festival. Pilgrims, devotees, foreigners and locals flock the city of Naga to be one with the celebration.

Que Pasa Naga, one of the newest restaurant in the metro made our September even more special and exciting.

Presenting SityemBreakfast,  your all time favorite breakfast menu is available every weekends this month.



Naldo’s Caldo and Arroz Caldoo con Chocolate (champorado)

Breakfast at Que Pasa is an endless game of pairings.

From top left : Naldo’s Caldo, Chilis Dilis, Arroz con Chocolate, brewed coffee, scrambled egg, and breakfast hotdog with cheese sauce
Garlic rice and chicken tocino
Fiesta Longganiza and scrambled egg

And that’s not it. They now also serves Merienda, perfect for this rainy season.

Arroz con Mais
Que Blanco (Suman)
Top left: Bananut Fritters. Bottom left: Que Blanco (suman). Bottom right: Baked Longganiza Pasta. Photo credits to Nick Pahati.
Photo credits to Nick Pahati.

And to end these homey breakfast and merienda, Que Pasa launched Tienda sa Fiesta up until the 18th. Local artists carefully handcrafted these art pieces and is sold at an affordable price and is located at the entrance of the resto.






All these (breakfast and merienda during weekends and Tienda sa Fiesta until the 18th) available only this September so visit Que Pasa Naga at Barlin St., Naga City, infront of Naga Cathedral.

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