The Flavors of Flavours Gastronomica

When something sounds common, we usually tend to judge based on what we already know. But sometimes, we discover that the ordinary becomes exceptional.

 That’s what Chef Gerald of Flavours Gastronomica has been doing for the past year. He uplifted your usual dining experience and left a mark on it. Healthy menu without compromising the taste.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati
Photo credits to Nick Pahati

Let’s begin with the drinks. Freshly prepared concoctions of smoothies and juices. Refreshing and perfect for sunny days.

Left to right. Mango & Banana, Healthy Green and Strawberry Basil
From Left to right. Ginger Banana, Oreo Chocolate Smoothie, Strawberry Banana and Macha Green Tea.

Chef’s Sister Salad. Greens, orange wedges, sliced mango, sliced grapes, cous cous and light salad dressing.


These are best sellers and yes they make you drool, plus Chef Gerald has made some modifications that you didn’t imagine will work fine.

He used lemongrass as skewers for the chicken and sometimes sugar cane.

Lemon and Lime Chicken with salad

Tender meat packed with savory tastes up to the bones.

Chef’s Signature Baby Back RIbs with salad

Frankly, I am not a fan of Salmon because of it’s oddly fishy taste (it was sushi). But these versions made me want to devour more. At first I tried a little but saw myself eating the whole thing.

Grilled Salmon with Garlic and Herbs
Baked Salmon Crusted Pesto

Carbohydrates? These pasta dishes are made with simple fresh ingredients and turned out very good.

Mushroom and Cream Pasta
Seafood Pesto

IMG_3018 IMG_3022

Planning your next meal??? Oh wait all these are affordable!!!
Pizza and Sandwiches
Flatbreads and Pizzas 120-150 • Panini 120-250 
Burgers 140-200
A La Carte
Fish and Seafood 190-250 • Chicken 170-200 • Pork 140-220 
Beef 200-490
Starters, Soups, Salads
Starters 100-150 • Soups 60 
Salads 120-160
Olive Oil Pastas 150-220 • Cream Pastas 220-240 
Tomato Pasta 180-200
Specialty smoothies 120-140 • Milk Shakes 140-150 
Crafted Tea/ Juices 60
Hot or Cold Tea (with a selection of loose tea leaf) 60 Hot drinks 60
Brunch served with hot drinks or orange juice 120
Kid’s menu: create your own combo of 1 chicken dish, 2 side dishes, and drink 199
The place is inviting, cool and relaxing whereas wood is the dominant material used in the restaurant.
IMG_3035 IMG_3037 IMG_3040
Flavours Gastronomica is located at CBD II, Brgy. Triangulo, Naga City near STI Naga.
By the way, Thank You Chef Gerald for the anniversary treat. Looking forward to more years!!!

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