A Glimpse at my 4-star Hotel Stay: Avenue Plaza Hotel

Bicol, being one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines has coped up with the high demands of hotel services. And one of the most trusted and highly recognized here in the region earning various citations has been perpetually attending the needs of both local and foreign visitors.

Avenue Plaza Hotel located at Magsaysay Avenue, city of Naga is one of the best this city has to offer.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati.
Photo credits to Nick Pahati.

Pretty lady always have that sweet smile on her face to greet every guest.

Breathtaking interior design.

IMG_3277 IMG_3279 IMG_3282

Hotel amenities: Cafe and Infinity Pool.

IMG_3312 IMG_3314

They treat everyone as if we are VIPs (this little note accompanied by a refreshing cold drink is just welcoming).


Another note…


And compliments just keeps on coming…


The bed is neatly prepared that somewhat tells you to eventually lie down, take a rest and snuggle a little bit.

IMG_3082 IMG_3083

The bathroom is equipped with all the toiletries you need for your stay plus a tub that with a combination of hot and cold water will calm thy stressed soul. So hygienic that I for one can sleep in it.

We were treated for an exclusive Chef’s Table as they launched their new Cafè Plazuela menu. You can check it out here.

Before we go to sleep, we were treated to a whole body massage courtesy of London Day Spa. This was my first time and I was a little bit hesitant but the session turned out pretty well. Soothed my aching muscles and send me to slumber. ZzZzZzZz

Waking up was a little bit tough I tell you. The pillows, the sheets and the bed pulls you down but not in a frightening way. Everything is so comfy you want to be in bed all day. Sorry for my messy hair… 😀


And one of the best part of the morning at Avenue is the Buffet Breakfast Table.



I’m in one of those food heaven on earth, an array of the best breakfast menu. From the staple fried rice, meat, dried fish, cereals, bread, pastries to freshly prepared omelets to cold cuts to tropical fruits plus brewed coffee, choco.

Dried fish called new look.
Chicken Gallantine, one of my personal favorite.
Left is beef and beside it is the Buttered Mixed Vegetables.
Cafe Plazuela’s Pasta Carbonara
Fried Rice
Warm Arrozcaldo
Different varieties of cereals
Fresh bread and sweet pastries plus marmalade.
Fruits, cheeses, butter and yogurt.
Cold cuts and vegetable salad

This part of the buffet is entertaining for me, you can choose what to add in your all time favorite omelette.

Omelette is freshly cooked for you.


I had a full plate during our breakfast and I kept on coming back.

I hate to leave 😥 but I will definitely come back and relive this experience. The place may possess an outstanding work of architecture but the people behind that made our stay more memorable is definitely one of the best reason that guests trust and patronize this hotel.

For room reservations starting today September 26, 2015 up to June 18, 2016, a special promo: the SOLO YOLO will make your stay more affordable. You can Also visit their Facebook page for more updates Avenue Plaza Hotel.

Until my next Avenue Plaza Hotel experience!!! 😀


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