Toro Toro by Que Pasa?

Philippines was once a colony of Spain for 300 years thus the nation’s name was derived from its former King; religion, names, architecture, lifestyle and yes, food. A restaurant here in Naga which recently opened its doors to diners have inculcated such Spanish roots to it, every inch up to the very last detail.


This mural painting of Mr. Pen Prestado located at the entrance sums up what we have inherited.
IMG_3743A painted greeting in Spanish?why not? And that lovely maiden will also greet you in Spanish!

Feeling nervous on how to order? Here’s their unofficial guide to help you, “turo-turo” Que Pasa? style.

Let’s begin…


First stop you’re choice of meat from chicken, pork skewers, liempo, baby back ribs, tuna or roast beef which are freshly grilled. You may choose more than one as pleased.

From left to right: Chicken, pork skewers, liempo and tuna.
Roast beef

Choice of sauce. Four sauces complimenting every meat dish but it’s always your call.

Que Pasa- an oil based sauce packed with different spices.

Chili Xocolate- Chocolate?yes, chocolate sauce with a little kick of spice to it.

Bicol- greenish tangy sauce made from local ingredients.

Cervesa Negra- their take on the savory beer based barbecue sauce.

Choose your side dish. Array of vegetables cooked in different traditional ways to compliment each meat and there’s also Mac&Cheese.

IMG_3892 IMG_3894 IMG_3896 IMG_3897

And finally choose your rice; Laing rice, Spanish rice, Pimenton garlic rice and the humble plain rich either single or doble.

IMG_3900 IMG_3901

It’s just simple and look we’re at the end of the line.


But before we find our way to the tables, let’s pay first 🙂 .Drinks are also available: canned soda and their house blend Guyabano iced tea and Cucumber lemonade. And there’s always room for dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth: Tres Leches, Buco Pandan and Roasted Coconut.


Prize ranges for full meal starts from Php150.00 and above plus they also serve breakfast and snacks check it here.



“Que Pasa?” (translated in English is “What’s Up”) is located at corner Barlin St., Naga City in front of Metropolitan Cathedral.


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