Jambos Grill

Legazpi Boulevard, it was my first time being there.. hahahahaha funny thing I have lived in Albay for 5 years and constantly visit but I’ve never been here. Enough with the drama :’D.

Here’s where we ate dinner after the successful #AlbayOnlineFest2015 and we were treated by our very own Mami Sam. I ❤ you.. :*



We we’re served with three simple dishes but blow me away.

Pansit Guisado. Classic noodle dish, savory. I’m certainly a noodle lover and this was just perfect (I hope that there’s bread 🙂 hehehe).

Pansit Guisado @ Php120.00

Buttered Chicken. Juicy chicken, hot and tasty served straight from the pot.

Buttered Chicken @ Php170.00

Burger. Can I say more? Oh the patty is Angus, juicy and tender cooked to perfection. Makes you want to devour it all for yourself.

Jambos Burger @ Php150.oo

Look at that feast.

Phtoto credits to Nick Pahati.

And who does not love singing? Kara-oke anyone??? 😀


Pretty sure I’m coming back and try other things on the menu..Budget friendly and affordable.



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