Something Different

It is twentysixteen and will be one of those beginnings in the journey of life. The past year bear a lot of things that thank God I handled it quiet enough. This post will be like those other personal ones but this will be my greater as of now.

I’ve been fascinated with the blogs of my colleagues which depicts fashion (,, and Photo shoots, fashion features and picturesque poses; it’s like flipping a fashion magazine and even better because I kinda know them.

I always describe my facial expression as “Poker Face”; senseless, emotionless, basic even though I imagine myself doing this different model like expressions. Plus my bulging figure. I don’t even know if the dress I’m wearing looks good on cam.

IMG_6696I decided long ago to do a photo shoot but how??? It’s chaotic for questions are piling up. What should I wear? Where would be the location? Who should I collaborate with? Am I prepared for this? Will people take it in a good way or in a bad way? Oh should I go on with it?

Its 2016 and I am certain on what to do.

An abandoned house with no roof, plus perfect lighting. Side braided hair, house shorts, shirt, denim jacket, snickers, an accessory (camera), and my phone and with the aid of my sister it finally happened.

And after hundred clicks (maybe I’m exaggerating), I have gathered enough to compile and put it in this post.










Well I think I did a pretty good job (pat on the back) and soon will be making a couple of this one but not frequent.

They might have hit me or will hit me with the same old stones but today I made the stones into a wall, a wall where I rest my back, do some pose and show them that finally confidence reached and mold me.

Everybody it’s a WRAP!


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