Sweets of Sugary Treats

Sometimes your hobby may lead to something unexpectedly sweet and fulfilling.

Ms. Maryden started baking cakes and cupcakes as gifts to relatives and friends and the thought that turning it into a business was not yet in mind until a friend urged her to do it.

That’s when Sugary Treats was created.

Photo grabbed from Sugary Treats’ FB page.

My cousin who’s in abroad want to surprise her youngest daughter by giving her an unexpected treat: a Lalaloopsy themed birthday cake adorned with a real Lalaloopsy doll plus cute little Lalaloopsy cupcakes. And she passed by Sugary Treats’ FB page.

I for one was very excited to see the outcome and Sugary Treats did not fail us.

These cute little cupcakes are moist chocolate with white chocolate ganache and fondant topping. What I like about it is it’s not too sweet (I seldom eat chocolate flavored treats) and the intricate hand made ornaments adorning the cupcakes.

This mini cake is also moist chocolate topped with real mini Lalaloopsy doll.IMG_5723

And the star of the party is a giant rainbow cake topped with a moist choco giant cupcake and fondant toppers and accessories.



Look happy and excited my niece was during her birthday.




I was hesitant at first to do transactions online but Ms. Maryden was very nice by first introducing her and her business at her own home. Yes, I personally went there.

I also tried her version of the Black Forest cupcakes.


You can check out and visit Sugary Treats’ Facebook page here. For cupcakes, dessert buffet and cakes for all occasions, you may contact Ms. Maryden Oco at 09081919887.

Thanks Ms. Maryden and were looking forward to another occasion with Sugary Treats. 🙂


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