Five Things to Buy at Lazada

This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons X Lazada PH Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Philippines.

The World Wide Web, the place where all things happen unexpectedly. Many became famous in this place and if you’re on the right track, your luck may soon be coming.

Photo grabbed from Google.

It’s also a venue for businesses, the fastest way to promote and the cheapest way to advertise products and services and as a consumer I am also fond of looking into sites but never bother to buy anything. I’ve read many articles and posts about bogus sellers(and buyers), low quality and fake products and all of those “not good, not worth my money” things and result to not fully trust what’s in for me in the web.

Until my brother became a regular costumer in one of those online selling shops(Lazada to be exact). He bought almost all his gadgets/ accessories from them (flash drive,cellphone cases,watch, OTG) and thought that I should try it for my self.

As a working adult and a blogger, I learned that I should be having certain things to achieve work and to look descent in every event that I will engaged myself into. Upon coming across Lazada Philippines’ broad list of interesting products, I’ve decided to jot down my top five items I’d like to buy(if my pocket permits).

1. A trendy plus size dress is on top of my list. First impression lasts so I have to get out of my shell and bring a positive vibe to my clients both in my job and as a blogger. Lazada has all the plus size clothes I really need without being ashamed of telling them what size I really am. Yeah as of now it really is a thing.



Sigh. Well enough with the drama already!!!

2. Matching shoes or footwear for my dress. I’m that “matching type” of a person and a nice and comfy footwear is all I need to achieve that striking look.


3. A powerbank for my dear phone. As a social media freak, I need to check the status of every account I have, post on a regular basis and take pictures and type articles on my phone (its an old one so it needs a little electrical booze every once in a while).


4. A large bag. I’m that backpack person from college and I thought that as an adult I need a large trendy bag, a shoulder bag perhaps to put all my things in it. I am fond of calling my bag “closet” for there are things that you usually don’t keep in a bag(medical kit/vanity kit, flashlight,art materials,a lot of notebooks and a lot of pouches). I’m a woman duh.


5. And lastly a digital watch for my sister. I’ve been promising her a watch since last year and up to now I never have bought her one.


To decide on these five things was really hard.

I do now have the courage to depend and to trust online shops for I personally saw their honest service to their costumers. Hopefully, these very five things I have enumerated will be bought in time. Frankly I’m still saving.

So do you have anything you want to buy for yourself or to someone and tired of the very same thing you see in malls??? why not try online shopping?why not try Lazada?

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