Café ’91

The newest addition to the booming café industry in Naga just got better.  A collaboration between fashion and food.


Glam Theme Boutique have expanded and added a new twist to your usual shopping aside from adding new brands to its family is the introduction of Café ’91 to its patrons. You read that right, there’s really a café inside this boutique.



Online Shops include…

What to eat???

Fries and Nachos topped with ground meat and salsa good for sharing (or all to yourself :’D  ).

Grilled Cheese Sandwich is oozing with your favorite dairy slathered  with their version of the cheese sauce. Cheesiness overload.


Or try their Smores Sandwich: melted marshmallow drizzled with chocolate syrup.


Pasta lovers are in for their Red Pasta which has a tangy herbed red sauce with bits of sausage/chorizo like meat.



Pasta Carbonara topped with bacon bits.


Dreaming of you’re out-of-this-word drink? Well, crazy looking frappes were in the menu that not only looks good but tastes really amazing that will definitely drives you for more.

Boozy Banana. Banana flavored frappe with alcoholic kick topped with candied bananas.

Grabbed from Cafe ’91’s FB page.

Coffee and Doughnuts. Coffee flavored frappe topped with a classic doughnut and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Grabbed from Cafe ’91’s FB page.

Birthday Frappe. Vanilla based frappe sprinkled with rainbow chocolate bits.

Snickers Frappe. Chocolate bar frappe topped with a snicker bar, nuts drizzled with chocolate syrup.IMG_7843-0

Smores Frappe. Smores flavored frappe topped with burned marshmallow, biscuit drizzled with chocolate syrup.

From left to right: Boozy Banana, Mango Yogurt and Birthday Frappe



Shop the newest fashion trends and fill up hungry tummies at Glam Theme Boutique and Cafe ’91 located at Magsaysay, Avenue, Naga City infront of Tapsi Terminal..


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