Traveling Responsibly

These past blogging year(s), I have been sharing my experiences in my work travels. I’ve been roaming so much that work now becomes a daily road trip, a mini vacation. I’ve seen and learned a lot and being this employee/traveler/blogger I myself should be and is responsible with my actions and doings in the field.

Bicol Bloggers recently launched the hashtag and the campaign dubbed as #iTravelResponsibly.

“An online campaign that seeks to remind fellow Bicolanos to have the heart and mind to travel responsibly.”

Read the Bicol Bloggers full official post here.

I’m here to share with you on how we together with my workmates in the past travel responsibly without spoiling any of the fun. I know it’s already mid summer but this can be adopted throughout the year.

1.  Know your travel destination. The social media has tons of places that you have already listed in your bucket list. Do some research first on the location and other important stuff you might want to consider when traveling like the terrain.

2. Know and be friendly with the locals and everyone you meet. They have been a lot of help when it comes to directions. Never forget that they are the one’s with the first hand experience with the place.

3. Never take anything that you personally do not need and take pictures instead. Souvenirs are the moments and the experiences that can never be bought by anyone.

4. Never leave anything that could harm the environment as a whole. Trash, lit campfires, vandals or any human intervention that can harm the smallest organism in the area. We may not directly be affected but we will be sorry for our wrong actions in the future.

5. Be at all times RESPONSIBLE. It’s your actions that depicts you, whatever you do it must be not only for your own good but for the good of the whole. A little act goes a long way, a very long way that you may not even remember you did it when it comes back again.

From the mountains to the seas, I’ve seen so much beauty that the nature can offer but is saddened by inhumane activities that causes destruction and loss of life. Let us admit that we’ve done something that posses threat to our environment and yet feel innocent.

By the way, sorry for recycling some photos 😀 cause I can’t really get over it.


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