#sinomanokmo2016 :battle of the chickens

The hashtag #SinoManokMo2016 has been circulating in social media sites since the start of April and yesterday  its true identity was revealed.

Photo from Bigg’s Diner FB page

Presenting the new ad campaign of Bigg’s Diner.

Photo from Bigg’s Diner FB page

Known for it’s perfectly cooked, well seasoned, large serving portioned fried chicken, Bigg’s Diner upgraded their original recipe and added more exciting bursts of flavors.

Inspired by the upcoming Philippine election, YouTube Sensation Lloyd Cafe Cadena portrayed different politicians depicting new and improved varieties of Bigg’s fried chicken.

Bigg’s Original Fried Chicken


Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of their fried chicken. There’s something in it that makes you ask for more. The crunch never leaves, large portions are always served plus they have this signature flavor that separates them from others. I remember Mami Sam saying “perfect comfort food” and indeed it is.


Flaming Barbecue Fried Chicken


Bicolano’s are fond of spicy food and this one suits one’s palate. It’s comparable to the West’s traditional Buffalo Wings. Fried chicken coated with delectable spicy barbecue sauce.


Cajun Style Fried Chicken


What I remember is…it’s soooo spicy and this is not for the faint hearted but this one will capture your tastebuds and keeps you back for more. Sometimes the thing that hurts us are the things we love (hugot pa more hihihi).


Cheesy Cheddar Fried Chicken


Cheese and dairy lovers will be hyped with this one. The meat tastes like a little milky. Kids will surely love licking their cheese stained fingers while eating this one.


Garlic Parmesan Fried Chicken


A sophisticated fried chicken, hahaha I like having herbs in my food. The creamy buttery garlicky flavor is spot on. It’s not your usual but it’s really good it might be your second best (original is still my number one 😀  ).


I tried it with my Bicol Bloggers Squad and it was awesome!!!


Excited to try these new flavors??? Head now to any Bigg’s Diner outlet and vote for your favorite… plus you might be lucky enough to win a GoPro Camera!!! Visit their FB page here. #SinoManokMo2016


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