KAOGMA Music Festival: Silent Sanctuary

When was the last time listening to music brought you so many feels?

On the last day of Kaogma Festival, SM City Naga treated us Bicolanos by bringing Silent Sanctuary in Naga for their Kaogma Music Festival. The event was situated at the SM parking area whereas I think thousand viewers attended the said concert.


Two local bands were the front acts for the music festival.

First was  UNIFY, an Acoustic Beatbox band who played the most trendiest songs in their own music style/ rendition. You can follow and be updated with their gigs by checking out their facebook page here.

Man Groove or Mangrove??  whichever it is, this’ a good one, a three man band playing blues. A guitarist, a harmonica player and a drummer clad in a semi-formal suits while giving jokes every once in a while.

And then the main act went out and gathered their fans infront of the stage and yes, the crowd goes wild!!! They played songs from their new and previous albums and Ikaw Lamang as their finale. Sadly they didn’t play my favorite which is Hiling but being there is so worth it.


The moment was surreal. I was there sitting still and singing silently :b . hahahaha Listening to them brought back memories and “high school feels” and I hate it, the reminiscing :’D it depresses me. hahahahaha

One thing I learned throughout these years watching concerts is by enjoying the moment. Yes, by literally enjoying it. I only took three 30 second videos and some photos for my blog and page and listened to their music until the end. This is a tip I’ve read somewhere in the web. We’re pretty much focused on filming/ documenting the whole thing without realizing the true essence of why are they playing live. It’s a concert goer etiquette by intently listening.


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