Iro Iro Magsaysay

Another restaurant has opened it’s doors in Magsaysay. As we all know Magsaysay is the food and hang-out “mecca” of Naga City (it’s my own personal opinion)  with a wide range of food stalls in all shapes and sizes. hahaha 😀 And new stalls keeps popping up.img_2691

The place is Asian-Mexican inspired equipped with up-cycled furnitures such as drums turned into seats and couches and chairs made from crates.

The area is well ventilated with high ceilings with buckets used to contain lights.


Let’s now talk about fooooodddd!!!

Japanese to Korean to Mexican and yes don’t forget about Filipino cuisine. A wide variety of snacks to main dishes they have it. Authentically and freshly prepared for foodies who love to devour into something different.


First stop, SNACKS. Your all time favorite pica pica is best when chatting with friends or for yourself alone.

Takoyaki is infused with veggies and seafood and topped with mayo and spices.img_2753

Gyoza is a meat and vegetable dumpling.img_2744

Nachos. Crispy corn chips topped with ground meat, veggies, a lot of cheese and pickled jalapeno peppers.img_2730

Burrito. Meat and veggies wrapped in a Tortilla bread. img_2746

Pork Sisig. Not your usual “crispy” sisig but this is pretty good.img_2740

Sizzling Gambas. Freshly cooked shrimp in spicy sweet sauce.img_2736

Note: Best served with rice and with beer.

Noodles!!!!I’m a big fan of carbohydrates. And aside from rice, I’m really into noodles. As an Asian(and Mexican) themed restaurant noodle dishes will never be nonexistent.

Yakisoba. Slightly tangy flavored stir fried noodles with vegetables.img_2741

Korean Hot and Spicy Ramen has a slight kick of spiciness which is good for those people who like little or non at all.img_2760

All time favorite Ramen.img_2758

And we have dessert!

Mango Kakigori. Shaved ice topped with mango bits, mango syrup, ice cream,  whipped cream, and tiny rice balls (hinulog hulog).img_2776

That was definitely a different and exciting kind of feast!!!



Iro Iro Magsaysay is located at the back of Kinamon Restobar, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City. You can visit their facebook page here for food prices and for reservations you can contact them at 0917 947 7117.


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