Been hiatus for the past three months and I have so much to share and tell you guys!!! But before anything else, I have ticked one item on the bucket list…This have been on my timeline for the past weeks probably saying that I should try it. Yes I will be eating again.

Believe me. I’ve been dreaming to eat this monster since it came out of the market. I’m a burger freak and been in search for the  most satisfying or at least better  burger  anywhere in the region. I do cook and I can say that my own version of a burger is quiet good (as per what my parents, siblings and relative says) hahaha raises a chair.

4. Tower Burger

And after soooo many years of waiting 🙂 (maybe because I can’t afford it or I’m hesistant haha) the right time has come and finally met the burger of my dreams hahahaha.


I’m like a kid seeing this masterpiece for the first time very eager to devour and put it all in my mouth! 😀

How do I eat this??? At first I was thinking of deconstructing it but went down cutting to proportions. Every bit was just satisfying, complimenting each other. The juicy beef patty and ham, crunchy bacon and hash brown, the oozing yolk from the egg, salty and creamy melted cheese, the veggies, the mayo, gosh all of it was sooooo fulfilling.



Little by little, this tower crumbled into my tummy until it was all gone. Finished it after an hour I guess, well I’ve been chatting with my workmate/friend who also ordered the same menu and washed it with Bigg’s RockNRoll Iced Tea.



Ooooh I’m in a food coma after that but everything was perfect >_< . Not bad for the price of Php 280.00. Visit any Bigg’s outlet today and try this one. I conquered Bigg’s Tower Burger Challenge!!! 😉


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