Chevrolet Sail

Who wants a car????

No I’m not giving or buying (not now maybe next year or the next who knowsπŸ˜‚)but we all dreamed of owning one. I enjoy being on long travels just siting in a vehicle or as they say it “Roadtrips”. But being on the road is as tiring and as impatient as taking an exam😝 and here’s were finding a car not just any car but a car that suits your personality.

I’ve had driving lessons like two times and was very eager to learn. But the lessons stopped and until now I still dreaming to drive on highway πŸ˜›β˜ΊοΈ.

Test Drive. Oooooh I was soooo excited 😁cause I was invited by my night job boss to Chevrolet to test drive a new unit, dubbed as the “Chevrolet Sail”.



NCD drove the vehicle for about a mile or two and back (I lost track of the distance). To a person who loves long drives, the heat did not stop my spirit to enjoy said moment.


Chevrolet Sail. It’s a small car fit for a small family of 3-5 or a young employee/entrepreneur or a small group of friends. It has a spacious compartment that is very good for traveling, a rear camera for parking and easy maneuver and a sunroof.


Technically, I am not knowledgeable about cars regarding the engine, whether it uses gasoline or diesel but I know what comfortable feels like: the light feel and the smooth travel.

Also, there’s a lot of new models to choose from like the Duramax and the Trailerblazer LT Black Edition (but its white😝) and I like both car being 4×4 and maybe their great off-road.

By the way we rode and did not driveπŸ˜‚πŸ€£.
Thank You Chevrolet for letting us experience the smooth Sail.
Test Drive Team
Grabbed from Naga City Deck
For inquiries, you may visit the Chevrolet display store at San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur.

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