Smokey Minaluto

Hearing it’s name for the first time makes me smile. Maybe its “PUNny” but hey it’s cool. Get it??? pun and funny?not?ok😝. Maybe they tweaked the name of a Filipino actor and named it to their restaurant, well it is quite genius and serving good quality tasting barbecue makes it much better.


Smokey Minaluto it the usual barbecue place. What makes them unique is the “food park” themed location. The owners allowed other food stalls to be in the same area and strategically do not overshadow each other having different varieties of food and beverages. A total of four stalls in one compound.


Stalls include Variety Shaw, Piazza Francesco and Eatchakan.


Let’s talk about Smokey’s menu having a wide range of grilled meat from pork to chicken and processed meat.

Student meals or value meals starts from 60 to 70 pesos.

IMG_2467BBQ Meal

IMG_2460Sisig Meal

IMG_2462Franks Meal

Grilled meat ranges from 25 to 75 pesos where some already has rice be it plain or upgraded into a java.

Liempo or thin slice of pork bell.

Backingham is the grilled back part of the chicken.

Sharon is grilled chicaron bulaklak (mesentery).

Smoked Sausage.

BBQ can be bought per piece.IMG_2445

The meats are perfectly grilled with the signature charred taste, tender, juicy and there’s not much seasoning which I think is good to preserve the natural taste of the meat. Will definitely recommend this to my friends.

Drinks ranges from 35 to 40 pesos. You can choose from Cucumber or Blue lemonade, Iced Coffee or Milo Dinosaur. Liquor is also available at the counter of Smokey.

We also tried their take on a favorite Filipino snack which is the turon dubbed as CinnaBan for only 25 pesos.
Smokey Minaluto opens at 4pm daily located at Barlin St. near Metropolitan Cathedral. They are also opening their second branch at Robinsons Place Naga!!!

PS. prices may vary among stores☺️.


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