Skincare better at DERMCARE

The third installation of this chic wellness center and spa in the city is now  at Robinsons Place Naga. DERMCARE, with its signature vibrant themed store complete with a chandelier among all others had a grand blessing and opening last August 15.

Dermcare Professional Skin, Hair and Spa world class skin facials (lightening, anti-aging, pimple control treatments), body treatments (scrubs, waxing, spa services) as well as hair rebonding & treatments. It is a one stop pure value skin, body and hair treatment in one environment  that is both inviting and invigorating to the senses. Staffed with  trusted dermatologists and professionally trained beauty therapists. It’s ambiance is conducive to rejuvination, skin and body pampering. It offers private and well-appointed spa and massage rooms, steam bath an facial treatment area, doctor’s clinic, and an inviting lobby. The moment you enter Dermcare, you will experience full bliss.


For over 120 branches nationwide, it continuously provide its patrons with a more innovative products and services that are responsive to everyone’s needs and lifestyle.

Their products are customized and manufactured to compliment the services they are providing which is very much affordable and can be availed by all.

VIPs and prominent persons attended the said occasion together with Dermcare’s personnel and staff and of course, Dermcare’s President and CEO Ms. Zenaida E. Palisoc.


Ms. Zenaida E. Palisoc, President and CEO of Dermcare Professional Skin, Hair & Spa is an enterprising businesswoman and a visionary in the wellness and beauty industry. In the late 90s, Dermcare assumed a new business concept as a total health, beauty and wellness center serving a diverse market.

To know more about how effective their products are, I have to try it for myself and gave some to my mom. Currently using the Whitening Soap Papaya with Lemon and Calamansi and the Lavender Facial Scrub with Chamomile. Also the Green Tea Sea Salt Body Scrub is a personal favorite with its refreshing scent and feel.

Dermcare, Which pioneered the whitening business in the Philippines has been Trusted for quality, affordable and effective products for more than 20 years.


Branches of Dermcare Professional Skin, Hair and Spa in Naga is located at the Wellness Center, third floor of Robinsons Place Naga; also at the 2nd Floor of SM City Naga adjacent to its conglomerate Belle La Peau.


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