About B&WS

This blog is about Literature and Photography and trips with my Bicol Blogger Family.

I am a frustrated Writer/Poet..Mostly I write about sorrows and heartaches but also my Bikolandia Trips.

I am a bookworm..I have a collection of Prey Novels by John Sandford, Comic Book collection by Kikomachine, Poetry/Essay/Blogspot books of Lourd de Veyra and I like books that are investigative,adventurous and contains a lot of suspense.

I am an artist..I do a little sketch, doodles, painting, DIY and crafts.

My ultimate dream is to be a journalist and writer of documentaries, to have a published book of poems and my other writings.

My family lives in Camarines Sur, my Papa hailed from Albay and my Mama is from Sorsogon.


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Introvert's blog on the love for literature, visual arts, traveling and food. Government employee by day, blogger by night, figuratively loves to eat and passionate to write.

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