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Tea Time

I’ve been a fan of milk tea’s since college and stalls have been popping up like boba :’) .

Recently visited one of newest milk tea houses in the metro: Tea Time owned by a young entrepreneur that is very passionate about business.


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Café ’91

The newest addition to the booming café industry in Naga just got better.  A collaboration between fashion and food.


Glam Theme Boutique have expanded and added a new twist to your usual shopping aside from adding new brands to its family is the introduction of Café ’91 to its patrons. You read that right, there’s really a café inside this boutique.



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What will make you drop your phone (not literally) and enjoy an afternoon with family and/or friends? Where everyone will be engaged into something that will challenge them and keep them talking.

At last, a cafe opened here in the metro where tons (well about 80 of it is available as of now and is still counting) of different board games:local and foreign are available for playing.


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What’s New at Rodolfo’s?

Noted for it’s mouthwatering Burger and Sisig Pasta and basically everything in the menu (don’t forget that creamy cheese sauce), Don Rodolfo’s Cafe never ceases to amaze and excite us with their innovative steps in putting up their best to partake in the booming cafe industry in the metro.

Read my first blog post about them here.

Being the first to serve the Smores mug and the Black Burger, they have added a lot more to their menu.


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Where Art(ists) meets Food : Anthosia Cafè

This was once so near yet so far (if you know what I mean) well I can explain further. This cafe was just near our office building before. But because of the need to have a bigger space for regulars, artists and artworks, they moved to another place.

Well enough with the drama. After a year, Version Two is already open. 


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Don Rodolfo’s : A Cafè for Adventure Seekers

Something new, something unique,something local but boasts with sophistication.

It’s how I can describe this new Cafè which name was derived from their late father (sweetest thing a child could do). Located at Liboton, Naga City, it is highly patronized by students from the nearby colleges/universities and frequently visited by young employees together with their colleagues.


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Coffee X Pasta X Pastries : The Coffee Pod Cafe

Aside from vanilla and strawberry, one of my favorite is coffee.

Yes I know, it’s bitter. Let’s be honest, the comfort you can get from it replaces the bitter taste into something new, refreshing and rejuvenating.

There were quiet a number of coffee shops in the city of Naga, some of them had already closed and this newly opened cafe takes the risks. The owner, Ms. Shai is very young and talented in the art of cooking even though she didn’t have the formal education on culinary. She is very hands-on with her business and is quiet busy in the kitchen. Yes, she prepares every order with care, passion and finesse to assure that the cafe gives only the best to its costumers.

The Coffee Pod Cafe opened last March 15, 2015. Its pastel colored features from the outside invites goers to take a sneak, a sip and enjoy the rest of their stay that will surely make you come back for more.


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