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EJ Cafe and Restaurant

The Koreans have invaded the whole world. Yes they already did but in a good way😊. My workmates (hi Abby and Dane😜😉) is sooo into KDrama and KPop that they’re speaking tongues already. I admit I watched some but did not get addicted but it changed dramatically. 😦

I got addicted to Korean Food! Gotcha😂
A bunch of Korean themed restaurants keeps budding in the metro and I already went to some of them and this for sure is different.

It’s a small resto located in a lobby of a hotel. Couple of tables lined up and a huge television playing KDrama, but of course.


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Captain Shawarma

For the love of food I’ve been eating a lot. 😀

Just like mushrooms, Shawarma stalls have been popping up in the metro. It has been one of my favorites (I got a lot of those) with its distinct taste and presentation and also must be with its history or origin. I have also tried some other meat versions like poultry (chicken) and pork but nevertheless beef is just spot on.

Captain Shawarma. One of the never ending number of food stands in the city serves this snack in a more local way.


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Been hiatus for the past three months and I have so much to share and tell you guys!!! But before anything else, I have ticked one item on the bucket list…This have been on my timeline for the past weeks probably saying that I should try it. Yes I will be eating again.

Believe me. I’ve been dreaming to eat this monster since it came out of the market. I’m a burger freak and been in search for the  most satisfying or at least better  burger  anywhere in the region. I do cook and I can say that my own version of a burger is quiet good (as per what my parents, siblings and relative says) hahaha raises a chair.

4. Tower Burger


Toro Toro by Que Pasa?

Philippines was once a colony of Spain for 300 years thus the nation’s name was derived from its former King; religion, names, architecture, lifestyle and yes, food. A restaurant here in Naga which recently opened its doors to diners have inculcated such Spanish roots to it, every inch up to the very last detail.

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The Flavors of Flavours Gastronomica

When something sounds common, we usually tend to judge based on what we already know. But sometimes, we discover that the ordinary becomes exceptional.

 That’s what Chef Gerald of Flavours Gastronomica has been doing for the past year. He uplifted your usual dining experience and left a mark on it. Healthy menu without compromising the taste.

Photo credits to Nick Pahati
Photo credits to Nick Pahati

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SityemBreakfast, Merienda and Tienda sa Fiesta at Que Pasa Naga

September for Bicolano’s is an important month not only because it’s the start of the Christmas season but also the time for Penafrancia Festival. Pilgrims, devotees, foreigners and locals flock the city of Naga to be one with the celebration.

Que Pasa Naga, one of the newest restaurant in the metro made our September even more special and exciting.

Presenting SityemBreakfast,  your all time favorite breakfast menu is available every weekends this month.



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Exquisite Fine Dining at Cafè Plazuela

Avenue Plaza Hotel, known for earning distinction in hotel service in the country and being one of the best in culinary indulgence had tapped two of the best chefs: Executive Chef Rudy V. Velasco and Pastry Chef Paul A. Oraa to create a whole new Cafè Plazuela dining experience.


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Dimsum Dinner at Crown Park Restaurant

When food is served in bamboo steamers, everyone giggles with excitement.

What would it looks like on the inside? Here’s one now.

Yes, we were in an Asian-themed restaurant in the metro. Crown Park Restaurant famous for its Asian/Chinese cuisine (and don’t forget Hung-ma bread) has introduced new set of dimsum/ menu to the patrons.

Were fond of seeing this snack but their version has that authentic taste and the filling is soo full unlike others. Best paired with noodles (comfort food).

Bola-Bola Siopao

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