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Why I would not leave?

What happened to me?

I too keep asking myself why or how did I come to this phase in my life. This thing called quarter life crisis has changed a lot of me, my perspective of thinking, making life decisions and staying happy.

When I was still studying college, I dreamed of having a job who will give me financial stability and fulfil my desires, my siblings’ and my parents’.  And after graduation, the eagerness to land my dream job continues. I remember applying as a Landscape artist/ gardener abroad and needed to be in a job interview a day after and did not show up.

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Labor of Love

It’s Labor Day here in the Philippines and its a holiday.

I’ve conceptualize this piece after  my supervisor suggested that what if I work overseas.

Back when I was in college, I never though of working abroad. My thinking was (I’ve said this a couple of times already) our government paid for my education for 14 years, well I mean subsidized to make me what I am today: a Professional. So I was determined to payback them by working in government offices.  Continue reading Labor of Love


Today is the last day of my Job Knowledge Exam at the Regional Office. At 4 AM, I was patiently waiting for a bus hailing from Manila. Luckily after 20 min. a pink bus came and accommodated me to my destination. While we were on our trip, it stopped at an eatery. The man seating beside me woke up and accompanied his gamily down the bus and into the eatery. I heard him saying, “Aki madya na ta mauli na kita” (child, come and we will go home). 

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Dreams are Made with Beads and Strings

Dreamcatchers filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind. Once the sun rises, all bad dreams just disappear. Some consider the dreamcatcher a symbol of unity among the various Indian Nations, and a general symbol of identification with Native American or First Nation cultures.(

Some of the dreamcatchers made to order by friends.

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The feeling when you have had enough; you don’t want to talk or move, the drive to be alone punishes your soul and right there and there you see yourself cry.

You weep like there’s no tomorrow, tears gushes and soaks your tired hands. The numb feeling lingers in every nerve of your body. You feel empty, you feel alone even there are tons of people around you.

Why does this happen? Why?

The questions chants in your head, over and over, louder and louder. Until you scream as loud as the elephants cry from mourning. You loose hope and submit yourself to eternity. Then you see yourself die, rot and turn to dust blown by the wind. That’s how you end. You turn into nothing and no one remembers you, not even a bit.

We only have one life to live so make the most of it. Once it is taken, it can never return again.

The Evolution of a “Not So Die Hard Fan”

What is a FAN? In this write-up, the “F” word will be based on the Wikipedia explanation Fan (person), a fanatical enthusiast or supporter, especially with regard to entertainment and sports.

College can be synonymously linked with liberty, I for one can say that all things (sex, drugs, crimes) can be found in this innocent looking years. Thinking that I have been engaged in such things? NO! Cause my fear of losing my parent’s trust and support in those years kept me in track (even though my TOR shows some evidence that I have been lazy studying). Sino ba naman ayaw grumaduate sa tamang oras at magkaroon ng Bachelor’s Degree? I’m the eldest so I should set as an example.  But there lies a dark secret that everyone already knows. I am a……. FAN!

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An Epitome of Good Governance

Being and working in the government is not as easy as everyone talks about. Believe me, I have been in the system for almost two years and being this contractual employee is even harder. I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking that I would leave my present job and seek another high paying profession in private institutions to support my
siblings. But this man who walks in his homey T-shirt, shorts and slippers made me realized that it’s not the salary that counts but the impact of your unselfish service to the community, your community is what it’s all about.

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Aaww!!! ang init!!! nakakapas281553_254228181273235_5980103_no!!!Araaaaaaaaaaaayy!!!

Ang dalawang bagay kapag kiniskis sa bawat isa iinit, uusok, aapoy, masusugat at iiwan ng peklat. Isang marka na nagbibigay in iba’t ibang pananaw, komento at sa madaling sabi, mapanghusga tayo. Kahit ano mang bagay na makita ng ating mata, marinig ng ating mga tainga, madama ng ating mga balat ay binibigyan natin ng kwento na minsan tama at kadalasang mali.  Kadalasang mali! Kaya nga maraming nag-dedebate, maraming away/gulo, krimen, patayan at mga bagay na immoral o taboo para sa lahat.  Ngunit bakit patuloy pa rin tayong gumagawa ng mga bagay na ito? Continue reading “Puyos”

“*Ako si Edsa”

I may not be born on that very moment but the legacy still lives in me. I was told by one of my best friend back in my high school years that I was a pessimist, a negative thinker. As I passed by the Edsa Shrine, I felt like on cloud nine.

I truly adore and idolize the Marcos Family for the foot print they had left in our country and I admit I vote for Bongbong Marcos last election. As one of the self acclaimed silent activist in my generation today, the burden that is felt today not only by those who were named Edsa but all the people living in this country is caused by misconduct political views. Marcos may have been greedy enough but he also had good plans for our country that time. As what Sen. Bongbong said in an interview with him just this year “we may have been like Singapore today if People Power did not happen” and if I am not mistaken another old senator had said that Marcos might also end  his administration or stepped down even if EDSA I didn’t occur. Progress was felt at the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos and I think that the progress ended up in his government. I did not literally say that there was no progress in the past four administrations but we can admit to ourselves that we are totally left behind by our neighboring countries. Frankly I did not vote for Noynoy just what my fellow country just did and had put him to his seat. He might be the son of the Late President Cory Aquino and be a non corrupt president but he also lacks experience. He can be the next victim of some political tactics that brought Marcos down. A down to earth person and a good one must also be fierce.

Bloodshed may not always mean death and grief, sometimes these atrocities results to development, hand of steel that brought other politicians to power.  We can always ask Almighty God for guidance and support but we should still move and work for the betterment of ourselves. The Government might pull us down and burrow us to the ground but the power of will and our trust in the lord will send us rising to the ground.

-This was already posted Last August 4, 2011 on my previous blog site

-Title was based on a series from GMANewsTV show “Reel Time”

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