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What do you do when there’s someone new?
You try to be friendly, sharing thoughts in your venue

You speak, you share, words were upbeat like that of a snare–and

Now you got personal and lifts up your own chair.

All that I can do for now is stare

But don’t be fooled by the blank face and beware

The one your talking to is knowledgeable and aware

You might be staying as long as you can remember

But please be humble and don’t mumble at the glare.

Intimidation is not as scary as it may sound

Wolves may hurt you and in the corner your found

Better think twice before you expound

The Almighty Father is the only judge up to this ground .

Silence VI

Its been long since I can remember

The thought of forgetting would be harder

But realized this will not go any further

Coz there’s nothing in the heart and mind of thy lover.

The silence continued and never again heard

As if the owl’s already grown a beard

The screaming silence backlashes and severed

The tired heart and the mind now were angered.

Feelings little by little are being washed

Long notes now being crossed and slashed

Teasing, hissing, and mumbling were were bashed

Tears and fear were mushed

God carried what the hand holds and the pieces were stashed.

Silence V

A disaster, this is what I could say,

I can’t talk about it, but you will say nay.

I have said this for a million times.

And considered it as a hideous crime.

I thought I have already forget,

And happy I broke thy habit.

But no, I come across again to this point,

That the nerves of thy heart sparked when joined.

The feelings rushed through the veins,

And froze a big part of thy brain.

They say there’s nothing to feel shame.

And what if he doesn’t even want,

So God now lends his hand.

Silence IV

Days, months and years have passed,

The feeling was felt and thought would last.

But as we grew to be more mature,

The feelings felt was now unsure.

Yes, it was a dumb move,

To constantly imagine myself to be with you.

I assumed that the feeling was mutual,

And never imagined it’s becoming a ritual.

Days, months, and years passed,

Woke up to this reality,

And saw myself in sympathy,

Drowning my feelings in self pity,

“It’s time to stand up!” said God: the witty.


You were there to lift them up when they feel down,

Put a big smile on their faces that frown,

Comfort them in times of sorrow and pain,

And give hope when they feel vain. 

But when you feel you’re in the bridge of giving up,

And all problems in your head have popped,

Where are they that you have served,

With all your heart,soul and even shirt.

They left you alone, never said a single thing

And you hear yourself helplessly sing. 


Distance calls from a mile away,

Keen eyes saw an ample sight.

Subtle nose may soon be guieleless,

Dull lips, sharp tongue cuts through finesse.

Heart beats faster than half a second,

The light approaches the brain and reckoned.

Warm acid floods your tiny stomach,

Grumbling intestines now becoming a hammock.

Knees tremble like the trenches of the sea,

The feet can’t hardly step an inch to thee.

Heel have numbed and withered,

Toes curled and nails hardened,

Thy hands clasp on God’s merciful sinewy limb.


Superiors roam and peasants domed,

These long winding savage old road.

Superiors cloacked with silver and gold,

While peasants, of dirt and oil were coat.

Pork, beef, poultry, wine, and cheese were staple,

Peas, rice and even grub were palatable.

Meat munched by barbaric ginormous mouths,

And grains to feed the grumbling stomach and lips that pout.

Powerful, unbeatable, heavenly described by all,

Chins ate up, walking straightly proud and tall,

Down the mud, little people helplessly crawl.

Tears, sweat and even blood were shed,

In God they mercifully pray and remediabity beg.

Silence III

This silence is unbearbale to hear

Moments are remembered, only by me dear.

The screaming silence, irritates the ear

No sharp words to move our rusting gear.

Eve does all the talking

Adam does the scribbling

The serpent does all the mumbling

Soft hearts may soon be meddling.

All thoughts were just assumed 

And emotions were made and were consumed.

Days are always counted

These moments always keeps me haunted

These settings God has planned was consented. 

Silence II

Not a single word left your mouth,

Not a single move has been done,

I cannot even read what lies in your mind.

This feeling is ridiculously wrong,

The intention is unbearable to get this long,

I have the infatuation for us to get along.

Not a single word left your mouth,

All this things I wanted to hear,

Burrowed in my mind and dreams.

This feeling is ridiculously wrong,

This dream is unbearable to win,

All is lost but God never left us since.