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Why I would not leave?

What happened to me?

I too keep asking myself why or how did I come to this phase in my life. This thing called quarter life crisis has changed a lot of me, my perspective of thinking, making life decisions and staying happy.

When I was still studying college, I dreamed of having a job who will give me financial stability and fulfil my desires, my siblings’ and my parents’.  And after graduation, the eagerness to land my dream job continues. I remember applying as a Landscape artist/ gardener abroad and needed to be in a job interview a day after and did not show up.

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Something Different

It is twentysixteen and will be one of those beginnings in the journey of life. The past year bear a lot of things that thank God I handled it quiet enough. This post will be like those other personal ones but this will be my greater as of now.

I’ve been fascinated with the blogs of my colleagues which depicts fashion (,, and Photo shoots, fashion features and picturesque poses; it’s like flipping a fashion magazine and even better because I kinda know them.

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A Year of Scribbling My Life with Black and White

Four years ago, I made a blog about literature and photography as a requirement to my Humanities subject: which name was derived from my two home towns (yes I have two) Sipocot, Cam. Sur and Polangui, Albay.

I posted several essays and poems and pictures and after the semester I left it out.

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When the One You Love Doesn’t Love You Back

I have been single for almost 8 years now.

But this is not about my “love life” but rather finding the “right job that will love me back”.

I promised myself that once I finished studying I will serve the government for it paid for my studies. I am a proud product of public schools.

Six months after I graduated from college, I had my first “real” job” as an Agricultural Technician in our LGU and my dad was one of my co-worker. I’m hesitant at first because we all know that false rumors flock the building. Anyway my job description was more of technical. We have provided assistance to farmers in our municipality, from farm animals, to plants/vegetables, to pets. I was the youngest in the office and it’s ok for I know my comrades are family friends.

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