To My Parents

Twenty long years and still counting

Six of those we’ve been so far away

Attitude, attribute can never be understood

Growing up, lacking up parenthood.

Nevertheless traits and deeds acquired

But never shown or even uncouth.

The gratitude is overflowing

Pristine acts still inexplicable

Problems encountered must be relegated

Life must as well proceed.

We are getting old annually

I love you both infinitely and will always be

Cause God is my strength and savior thee.


Sobbing in the midst of a cold night

The hymn of the crickets in the air

The head ached like the trenches in the sea

Finding ways to tremble and crack

Light and darkness once reintegrated

Wearing negligee in this rare occasion

The chanter singing a hopeless song

Space unchained, unoccupied

Finding what is still missing

Yet the tone, the melody is in tune

Tears, fears, tragedy once entered

Happily ever after  thought was altered

God Himself has never ever surrendered.


You don’t have to make any sound

For me to know what you want to say

We’ve been here for so long

I’ve always been with you and obeyed

But I haven’t ever said

That I want to be with you every single day.

We lived in this world of silence

And have been soft spoken

I never want us to argue

So I’ve been hiding all this pain.

When the right time comes

And either of us shall go

Our paths may soon cross, only God will ever know.

The Evolution of a “Not So Die Hard Fan”

What is a FAN? In this write-up, the “F” word will be based on the Wikipedia explanation Fan (person), a fanatical enthusiast or supporter, especially with regard to entertainment and sports.

College can be synonymously linked with liberty, I for one can say that all things (sex, drugs, crimes) can be found in this innocent looking years. Thinking that I have been engaged in such things? NO! Cause my fear of losing my parent’s trust and support in those years kept me in track (even though my TOR shows some evidence that I have been lazy studying). Sino ba naman ayaw grumaduate sa tamang oras at magkaroon ng Bachelor’s Degree? I’m the eldest so I should set as an example.  But there lies a dark secret that everyone already knows. I am a……. FAN!

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The choice was long made,

The thought was long overdue,

The effect is now being felt,

Numb nerves lies lifelessly subdue.

The choice was not a hindrance,

The thought was just a resemblance,

The effect is now constant,

Numb nerves tries to keep balance.

All choices made for this instance,

All things thought made no essence,

All effects lies here above the fence,

All numb nerves lined in convergence,

Believing in God Always makes sense.


Petulance by your evil darkness,

Abjured by the red phase coming,

The old pregnant you made irascible,

Frogs frisk on the grassy hill,

Flamboyant movies of vampires and werewolves.

Zoom goes the spaceship with Lucy,

Travelling along a weightless environment,

A Taho vendor screeching in the morning,

Luna wasn’t uttering a word yet,

Blood dripping from a mother wooing,

The debt was requite by the stars.

And it was never the end until now,

That God was what mattered forever.

An Epitome of Good Governance

Being and working in the government is not as easy as everyone talks about. Believe me, I have been in the system for almost two years and being this contractual employee is even harder. I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking that I would leave my present job and seek another high paying profession in private institutions to support my
siblings. But this man who walks in his homey T-shirt, shorts and slippers made me realized that it’s not the salary that counts but the impact of your unselfish service to the community, your community is what it’s all about.

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Sputters in the old man’s mouth

His palate was stung by a frigid word

Never has fate entered his life

Thy soul died in the fire relentlessly

A woman quelled for thy son’s sake

Never felt a snug in her life

Raconteur at the stage preaching

Again her soul immortalized in the sea of death

Screeching sound, wailing in the wind

A child’s voice faintly calling

Helplessly calling for thy parents

But no one ever replied

Wisdom inculcated in a persons mind

Thoughts studied before, now and forever

Only the Lord God knows it better.


Aaww!!! ang init!!! nakakapas281553_254228181273235_5980103_no!!!Araaaaaaaaaaaayy!!!

Ang dalawang bagay kapag kiniskis sa bawat isa iinit, uusok, aapoy, masusugat at iiwan ng peklat. Isang marka na nagbibigay in iba’t ibang pananaw, komento at sa madaling sabi, mapanghusga tayo. Kahit ano mang bagay na makita ng ating mata, marinig ng ating mga tainga, madama ng ating mga balat ay binibigyan natin ng kwento na minsan tama at kadalasang mali.  Kadalasang mali! Kaya nga maraming nag-dedebate, maraming away/gulo, krimen, patayan at mga bagay na immoral o taboo para sa lahat.  Ngunit bakit patuloy pa rin tayong gumagawa ng mga bagay na ito? Continue reading “Puyos”

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