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Been hiatus for the past three months and I have so much to share and tell you guys!!! But before anything else, I have ticked one item on the bucket list…This have been on my timeline for the past weeks probably saying that I should try it. Yes I will be eating again.

Believe me. I’ve been dreaming to eat this monster since it came out of the market. I’m a burger freak and been in search for the  most satisfying or at least better  burger  anywhere in the region. I do cook and I can say that my own version of a burger is quiet good (as per what my parents, siblings and relative says) hahaha raises a chair.

4. Tower Burger



Inspiring People thru Blogging

I’m a Blogger.

Yes, I can now say that without being hesitant. I’ve been seriously (like seriously) posting articles since September 2014 and for almost a year and a half my “night job” aided me to live my lifelong dream which is to be a writer and to explore things my way.


They say that bloggers have the easiest way of earning money by just posting about establishments or products or services but on top of it all, it is just like your usual job at the office or at the field; nerve and backbreaking. But for me blogging is not always or will not be for money. It’s about meeting people and making friends, making unforgettable trips and experiences, doing what you love following your passion in life.


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