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Distance calls from a mile away,

Keen eyes saw an ample sight.

Subtle nose may soon be guieleless,

Dull lips, sharp tongue cuts through finesse.

Heart beats faster than half a second,

The light approaches the brain and reckoned.

Warm acid floods your tiny stomach,

Grumbling intestines now becoming a hammock.

Knees tremble like the trenches of the sea,

The feet can’t hardly step an inch to thee.

Heel have numbed and withered,

Toes curled and nails hardened,

Thy hands clasp on God’s merciful sinewy limb.


Superiors roam and peasants domed,

These long winding savage old road.

Superiors cloacked with silver and gold,

While peasants, of dirt and oil were coat.

Pork, beef, poultry, wine, and cheese were staple,

Peas, rice and even grub were palatable.

Meat munched by barbaric ginormous mouths,

And grains to feed the grumbling stomach and lips that pout.

Powerful, unbeatable, heavenly described by all,

Chins ate up, walking straightly proud and tall,

Down the mud, little people helplessly crawl.

Tears, sweat and even blood were shed,

In God they mercifully pray and remediabity beg.