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I am the eldest among your five
Thought not the closest to jive
Am that child that is hardheaded
And sometimes a little cold hearted.
Amazed on how strong you are
We’ve been to many up and downs afar
Taught us how to live this life
You saw us taking our own flight.
Eventhough you can’t feel me much
Being away from your hugs as such
Am forever grateful that I have you
A person that Papa dearly loves too
A mother perfectly created by God through.


One of Naga’s Supermom

We first met in a blogging event and she was quiet busy with her IPad, tech-y I guess; she was outgoing, fun, friendly, and outspoken.

A petite woman who loves to wear shorts (who would??? if you have legs like hers its a dream come true) named (or aka) Sam Brown.

Well she’s happily married, has three wonderful daughters and is famous in her field. She’s the friendliest of the friendliest I know having tons of friends who she loves and loves her dearly.  She is a certified multi-tasker and let me tell you how and why. I did a little research and a crash interview at  around 12 midnight using the facebook  chatbox and we exchange messages at around 1:00 A.M. Well we’re owls so it’s ok.

First. She is an Event Specialist.

Yes, she’s behind on some successful events in the metro and at some other places too.  But it’s not about the money she said for sometimes she have turned down some, even it costs a lot; she chooses her clients very well for she works with all her heart and soul.


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