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When the One You Love Doesn’t Love You Back

I have been single for almost 8 years now.

But this is not about my “love life” but rather finding the “right job that will love me back”.

I promised myself that once I finished studying I will serve the government for it paid for my studies. I am a proud product of public schools.

Six months after I graduated from college, I had my first “real” job” as an Agricultural Technician in our LGU and my dad was one of my co-worker. I’m hesitant at first because we all know that false rumors flock the building. Anyway my job description was more of technical. We have provided assistance to farmers in our municipality, from farm animals, to plants/vegetables, to pets. I was the youngest in the office and it’s ok for I know my comrades are family friends.

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Silence III

This silence is unbearbale to hear

Moments are remembered, only by me dear.

The screaming silence, irritates the ear

No sharp words to move our rusting gear.

Eve does all the talking

Adam does the scribbling

The serpent does all the mumbling

Soft hearts may soon be meddling.

All thoughts were just assumed 

And emotions were made and were consumed.

Days are always counted

These moments always keeps me haunted

These settings God has planned was consented. 

Dreams are Made with Beads and Strings

Dreamcatchers filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind. Once the sun rises, all bad dreams just disappear. Some consider the dreamcatcher a symbol of unity among the various Indian Nations, and a general symbol of identification with Native American or First Nation cultures.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreamcatcher).

Some of the dreamcatchers made to order by friends.

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