There’s a Lot to see in Robinsons Place Naga

When there’s something new, we expect a little bit more about it and Robinsons Place Naga have exceeded our expectations.

The mall has three floors having a chic and dernier cri designs which at the same time pays homage to the culture of the region. The main ceiling and interior designs is represented by Gabi, a local root crop mostly used in local cuisines and Pili, a nut-bearing tree that is incorporated in desserts or sweets and can be compared to almond or walnut.



Before the shop opened and while it’s under construction a picture circulated in the social media and to prove it was true, you might want to check Google Earth to see the birds eye view of the whole building. Anything familiar???


It somewhat resembles Our dearest Ina! Our Lady of Peñafrancia is at home at Robinsons Place Naga! An ingenious move by the designers of the mall!

The alfresco area is surrounded by well-known restaurants and our very own home grown diners. Greeneries such as trees and bushes brings balance and calmness to the building. A subtle fountain below the Tree of  Life- a 15 meter sculpture by Mr. Jefre Manuel is adorned with Gabi leaves located upon the main entrance of the mall.


Over a 100 different international and local brands of clothing, footwear, housewares, kitchenwares, toys, stationeries, diy stores and food stalls are readily available for consumers for them to choose a wide array of goods and services.




A Wellness Zone is provided for shoppers who needs additional glamour, good for health buffs or just for relaxation.


Digi World is perfect for the techie side of you with stores having the newest gadgets and other technology needs.


Their food gallery can cater 300 persons and has stalls that sells not just affordable but delicious eats.


Also, a Lingkod Pinoy Center composed of government agencies is provided to fast track simple transactions such as bills payment and inquiries.


What excites people more is the Movie World with six cinemas showing the latest local and international movies. The seats and sitting capacity is not too crowded and the screen is not too far from the seats which is perfect for viewing.





Robinsons anchor tenants, Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Appliance and Handyman is also part of RPN. What more could you as for?




When your in the metro, never forget to drop by at Robinsons Place Naga and have a different kind of shopping experience.


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