Not Today

If you have something to say
Today is not the right time.
Got a lot going on the plate
That this heart cannot take.
The progress put to halt
Still thriving but regressed.

Not today please, not today
Though strong and trying to keep up
The inside seems crumbling and tearing apart
Words are not uttered
Time standing still
The heart is telling, try to stay chill.

Not today please not today
Its been years that things were forgotten
But no, they’re still here not rotten
They burried themselves trying not to exist.
Alas one by one they say hello
Trying to tell you, come on time to go.



I am the eldest among your five
Thought not the closest to jive
Am that child that is hardheaded
And sometimes a little cold hearted.
Amazed on how strong you are
We’ve been to many up and downs afar
Taught us how to live this life
You saw us taking our own flight.
Eventhough you can’t feel me much
Being away from your hugs as such
Am forever grateful that I have you
A person that Papa dearly loves too
A mother perfectly created by God through.

The Same World Will Never Meet

The same world will never meet

Even though their feet has the same beat

The same world will never meet

Just like the old chair replaced by a new seat.

Two minds that somewhat jive a lot

Minds that clashes on the same but

Two minds that seems better than a large mat

But never did it meet at the mid though it clot.

The same world will never meet

When both are tough enough to make a fleet

Strong hearts, bold minds and a single plate to eat

A bowl of what good’s enough to make both neat.


A jolly young lady that once was judged,

By how she acts that made her grudge.

But later on have been open enough

For people to see what she is kind of.

Not as hard to please as might what think,

But appreciative enough to make someone wink.

Tough and hard as you might know her from the start,

But don’t be fooled, she has that cute lovable heart.

The smile and laughter that she often gives,

Have made the moods and ambiance cool to live.

But once she started to be silent,

All somewhat died and loses its vibrant.

So we keep up to bring things into balance

For her to be revived and share the radiance.


Science that usually deals with the properties and structures of substances

From organic to inorganic elements and up to the right instances.

Got really complicated when numbers are drawn-in with letters

Like the simple notes that someone gave to ask for some answers.

As what physics might have to say that opposite attracts

The blood sends chemicals for the heart to contract.

Processed by the neurons of the brain for the body to react

Words were uttered and the feelings made the other to distract.

The process of their chemistry have been in the half life

But revived by the continued pursuit and personality that hyped.

Lived differently, loved different things, took different paths

Eventually they come to cross and solved the same math.

Silence (An Exemption)

This is not about me anymore

But rather for someone I care for

I would not easily interfere with someone else’s life,

But hell this something isn’t just right.

I’ve been comfortable for so long with silence

It’s like me being okay with my own grievance.

Let’s not put it in my own post,

And talk about their feelings that boast.

I didn’t really know how to react

But felt her heart somewhat contract

A streak of sadness now she has worn

The streak of confusion I think was born

Hoping the change would soon streak in- to continue their infinite Divine feeling.


A trickle of light was dangling atop a tree

That grew bigger and toppled the nest of the queen bee

Then it suddenly disappeared through the great vastness

Never again seen or  ever felt its calmness.

The trickle of light now have travelled

Before the reality that was never been bothered

Roaming around having no other than a straight path

Coming through the front door and past the small bath.

The trickle of light came back

Exhausted from running around the stack

Passed through an old wrinkled prism

Down to the handheld mechanism

And burst unto a figure, a rainbow of Baptism.


Siomai King Naga

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