Siomai King Naga

These times that we have to put more effort to how should live, being practical is a good choice. We strive not for greatness but rather to give purpose to every single centavo we earn. Businesses today are run by young adults with the objective to prepare themselves to what the future may subject them to.

When you’re struggling overseas just to give the best to your family, you’ll invest to something sustainable and reliable. The food industry may be the perfect choice but you have to opt for support.

That’s when someone I know ventured and gambled into the Food Cart Business.

SIOMAI KING. A small store infront of a shopping center opened last July selling affordable snacks for the patrons of the store.


The Siomai King label is quiet noted for its brand and I assure you it will not fail. Aside from it’s affordability the taste suits every palate.

The Siomai has four distinct varieties which includes Shanghai, Hongkong, Chicken and Japanese.


Every piece is packed with flavors and you know it’s authentic. Don’t forget the condiments like the soy sauce, fried garlic and chili oil which brings more taste to the food.

They also offer different kinds of Siopao for Buy One Take One and my favorite is the spicy 🌶 one.


You can even eat siomai with rice for a very minimal price.


When you’re at 101 Shopping Center or anywhere near it, don’t forget to drop by at Siomai King!!!


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